Huffington Post Adding Third Napping Room

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How many times have you been at your desk and had the overwhelming urge to take a nap? What if all you had to do was book the "nap room?" Well that is exactly what life is like at the Huffington Post. Arriana Huffington has been warning of the dangers of sleep deprivation for years now. She had an episode where she fainted due to sleep deprivation, hit her head on her desk, broke her jaw, and received four stitches above her right eye.

Her contention is that sleep is very important and that you need to make an appointment to sleep in the same way that you make an appointment to wake up. She also has a website about sleep deprivation that had 7.5 million hits last year. She warns that you should not charge your devices next to your bed because they can wake you up if you get a call or text. Here is a list of the recommended sleep times for infants, toddlers, children, and adults:

Infants - 14-15
Toddlers - 12-14
School Age Children - 10-11
Adults - 7-9

To combat this problem in her own company Huffington has set up two nap rooms. She went on to say that when they were first opened a year and a half ago people were reluctant to use them because they felt like they would be judged for sleeping during the day. Now, she says, demand is so high that they actually need to open up a third one.

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