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National Siblings Day: Celebrating Brotherly And Sisterly Love

The relationship between siblings is critically important and emotionally powerful not only in childhood, but also over the course of a person’s lifetime. Having a brother or sister allows a person to learn and develop social skills, specifically in managing conflict and negotiating with other people. Sibling relationships are most likely to be the longest relationships that most people will …

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Tia And Tamera To End Their Reality Show

Tia and Tamera first gained attention from fans as young child stars. For those who were watching the Disney channel during the 1990s, most people will probably remember the twins from their memorable roles in the show Sister, Sister. Sister, Sister ran from 1994 until 1999, and starred Tia and Tamera as twins who were separated at birth, only to …

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Dakota Fanning Grows Apart From Sister Elle

It must have been quite the awkward Christmas for the Fanning family this year. Sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning have been growing apart lately and Dakota is even adding some distance between her sister and herself. Quite some distance actually. Dakota is “much happier” now that she is living in New York City and away from her sister who resides …

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