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Washington Post Facebook App Nears 4 Million Users Washington Post Facebook App Nears 4 Million Users
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The era of Facebook’s “frictionless sharing” is in full swing, and while some are still expressing privacy concerns and lamenting that Facebook is killing the essence of sharing, it appears that some folks are happy to hop on the wave …

New YouTube Homepage Promotes Channels, Sharing New YouTube Homepage Promotes Channels, Sharing
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YouTube is currently testing a brand new homepage design that, among other things, puts a lot of emphasis on channels. Considering YouTube’s recent announcements regarding a push for quality content through new channels, it should come as no surprise that …

Google+ Posts Coming To Gmail Google+ Posts Coming To Gmail
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While some are immediately contemplating the privacy issues involved–a thorn Google will never be able to remove, it seems–the Google+ integration with other Google products so many are calling are starting to sprout. Now, thanks to a Google+ post by …

Does Picasa Tagging Violate Your Google+ Privacy? Does Picasa Tagging Violate Your Google+ Privacy?
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Google+ is really concerned about privacy, or at least, that’s the approach Google takes. When new users sign up, Google has a number of “are you sure” responses when privacy settings are adjusted. Clearly, they are trying to pick up …

Google Buys Fridge, More Circle Capabilities Coming? Google Buys Fridge, More Circle Capabilities Coming?

Fridge is a company that, until today, developed technology that made creating a group and sharing within it much, much easier. Now, they belong, or, are joining the Google team. Undoubtedly, the purchase was made with Google+ in mind, and …

Content Can Now Go Viral More Easily with Facebook
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Over the past year or so, Facebook has made a number of moves, which bring more Twitter-like functionality to the social network. Some question why Facebook would want to become more like Twitter given that it is much more dominant in the social media space, but Facebook sees the growing-popularity of Twitter, and likely wants to make sure it offers everything users want, to keep them around for the long haul.

Facebook Makes Share Buttons More Useful
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Facebook launched a new version of its Share button today. This includes a live counter and analytics. When you use the new share button on your content, you can measure engagement and view the number of shares, likes, comments made, and clicks back to your site.

Bit.ly Teams Up with Yfrog on Image Sharing
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Update: The YFrog and bit.ly partnership is now live. A YFrog spokesperson says that with Apple announcement that iPod nanos will now come equipped with video cameras – this opens a new, inexpensive way for people to capture video and then post it to Twitter.

What’s Been Going on with TweetMeme?
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Update 2: Tweetmeme is now created  a new URL-shortening service – Rep.ly – for use exlcusively with its commenting system, making it easier to retweet TweetMeme comments on a story and get users further engaged with content (via Mashable).

Meanwhile, TweetMeme has also put together a couple of videos showing the functionality of the retweet button and the new bookmarklet.

Update: TweetMeme Launched it’s new version on Friday, and it is a "complete revamp" of the site. According to the company, it "encompasses a total rewrite of our scoring system, filtering engine and a whole raft of user interface enhancements and tweaks."

Bing Readies Sharing Feature for Search Results
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Microsoft is working on a new feature for Bing called "Bing and Ping." This is a means to share your search results with friends. Bing’s "decision engine" nature provides plenty of content that users may actually want to share. Nicholas Kerr of the Bing Team explains:

Google Reader Gets Much Needed Social Features

Google has added a number of new features to Google Reader. The biggest one, which is long overdue, is the ability to share content on other social networks. This seems like it should have been available for ages, but it has been MIA until now.

The Relationship Between Teens And Music

A new UK Music research study highlights the complexity of consuming, copying and sharing of music between 14-24 year-olds.

YouTube Wants You To Share Your Video Stats
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YouTube has launched a feature that lets video uploaders share information they collect with YouTube Insight. The shared info is able to be viewed by anyone watching the user’s videos.

Hulu Getting Stingy with Sharing Content
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Update 4: The Hulu/Boxee saga continues. Since the last update, Boxee has started a Twitter account dedicated to letting users know the status of Hulu on Boxee:

Is Hulu on Boxee - Twitter Account

Google Reader Gets More Social With Commenting

Google has added a lot of sharing-based features to Google Reader in recent memory, but it has now launched the ability to have conversations among those who are sharing items. Google acknowledges that this is a key element of sharing that the service has been lacking. I would have to agree.

New Google Health Feautres Could Save Lives

Google has launched some new features for Google Health that could potentially save lives in times of personal crisis. For one, they’ve included the option for sharing Google Health profiles.

This means if you keep your profile up to date with any medication and medical history, you can share it with your loved ones so they can answer questions for doctors or other medical professionals in times of emergency.

New Sharing Options About to Be Rolled Out to 80,000 Sites
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Tim Schigel - CEO of ShareThisShareThis, creator of the ShareThis widget that allows for the easy sharing of content via your favorite social networks, has announced a new version of the widget with some added features. I just chatted with CEO Tim Schigel about it.

LinkedIn Eases Content Sharing
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LinkedIn has had a bookmarklet available for Firefox for some time, but now it is available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Previously, the bookmarklet did not allow users to share news with user created groups.

With this new release, users can share news with their LinkedIn Connections, Company Groups, or user Created Groups from anywhere on the web.

SmugMug Taps Amazon For SmugVault Storage

Image sharing site SmugMug opened a new service to handle the storage of larger image formats, as well as any other files their users wish to store.

YouTube, Video Sites Grab More Visitors

Video sharing websites watched their typical daily traffic double through 2007, with nearly half of US Internet users stopping by YouTube and similar sites.

Google Acknowledges Reader Sharing Complaints

Even though Google has seen the feedback in the Reader support group, and probably read a blog post or three, they are dodging the obvious solution to the question of sharing items.

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