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SIM – Microsoft adCenter Add-in

The goods: Microsoft adCenter has a new product rolling out next month. A plugin (”Add-in”) for Excel will give marketers access to automatic tools to generate keywords, expand keyword lists, get actual traffic and demographic data—as in real numbers. If you haven’t seen a demo yet, let me tell you: this looks very cool. Here are my notes from Microsoft’s presentation and demo at the Search Insider Summit today.

PubCon – European Site Optimization

This session is a round up of current international optimization and promotion issues. Panelists will address multi-language issues, Euro PPC/SEO, and how to crack the Southeast Asian riddle.

Keywords Still the Foundations of SEM Campaigns

Keywords are still the foundation that build all search marketing campaigns. This session will look at researching and developing a killer keyword list for a site or special project. It will also look at tools available to automate the task of finding keywords and phrases.

Microsoft Offers SEM Tools, Training
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Not to be outdone by Google or Yahoo, Microsoft lifted the lid on two new search marketing tools and an accreditation program called adExcellence.

Comparing SEM and SMM
Colleague Kelly McCoy Williams sent me a great story in the Chicago Tribune about "conversation analysts," which features friend and blogger Jeremiah Owyang.

SEM in Australia Dominated by a Silent Google

Internet companies down under are in a sticky situation. They’re handing Google about 80% of their search marketing spend, using Google for 82% of all online searches, and spending around AU$399 million a year. They’re playing nicely with Google, but Google refuses to play nicely back.

AdCenter Tweaks Its Campaign Manager

The campaigns Microsoft advertisers manage through the company’s adCenter system should be easier to handle after a weekend of upgrades.

Stinky Babies, Armpits Offer SEM Opportunities

Baby products and personal care products drew millions of searches over a three month period in early 2007, indicating growth potential for search engine marketing efforts by consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Blogs Trusted More Than Search, Banner, and Text

Consumer-generated content is by far a more trusted form of advertising worldwide than search engine ads, banner ads, or text ads, according to Nielsen, and is trusted almost as much as physical word-of-mouth.

Google (Finally) Responds to Directory Question

The recent slap a handful of directories experienced was unaccompanied by an explanation from Google, though the general consensus (maybe) was that Google’s webspam team was sending a message. Weeks later, WebProNews has wrangled a response from Google’s Webmaster Central team – sort of.

SEM Strategy: Don’t Look Like a Duck?

Eric Enge’s extensive discussion of hidden text and its dangers illustrates a key issue for anyone working on a search marketing strategy. (Hat tip seroundtable.com)

Links Range from Good to Bad to Ugly
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As a site owner, it’s important to devote what link building time you have to creating connections that count – really count – as far as search engine spiders are concerned.

In fact, there’s a range of site link types – links diversity. Some are more valuable than others. Spend your time and resources building the highest quality links and you’ll quickly see the value of these efforts.

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Finking On Paid Linking?
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It’s been a couple of weeks since it became apparent that Google was penalizing link directories – at least a few of them – knocking them out of the SERPs even for their own business names. There’s still no official word from Google on this, but there is plenty speculation that it wasn’t algorithmic.

Evaluating Client SEM Readiness

Experienced client side and agency search marketers know that today’s SMB and enterprise SEO projects involve much more than single event “SEO triage” and link building.


SES – SEM Pricing Models

Industry Track, Wednesday 3:15 – 4:30 PM

SES – So You Want To Be A Search Marketer!
So You Want To Be A Search Marketer!: Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2007

In this session, search engines experts discuss on the different strategies that can help one in becoming a search marketer.

SES: Show Me The SEM Money

The search industry has attracted plenty of entrepreneurs who want to make a go of the SEM or SEO business. A session at SES San Jose talked about the all-important topic of what to charge for those services.

SES: Ways SEMs Can Protect Intellectual Property

Trademark and copyright issues are complicated. That’s why we have lawyers. Luckily, we also have lawyers willing to drop by the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose to shine a little light on the issue.

SES – PR Train Wrecks Don’t Address SEM

I attended my first session of the day at Search Engine Strategies (SES) San Jose in order to learn more about bad PR as it relates to SEO. Oops, no search discussed here.

Yahoo Names The Search Agency Ambassador

Santa Monica- based The Search Agency, a search engine marketing and optimization firm, has been named a Yahoo Search Marketing Certified Ambassador.

Product Information? Search Comes First

Visitors to one’s online retail website have a great likelihood of starting from a page of search results, as shown by last holiday season’s activity.

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