Breaking Bad Fans "Save Walter White" to the Tune of $125,000

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Although Walter White is probably beyond saving at this point, a site set up in his honor is pulling in real donations for real cancer patients.

Remember back to season two of AMC's hit show (and best show on television) Breaking Bad. Got it? Okay, then you'll probably recall when Walt Jr. set up a horribly designed website to pull in donations for his dad, the inimitable Walter White. In the show, the site was called "Save Walter White," and it ended up pulling in some good money for the White clan (although he began to need the charity of others less and less after season two).

When that episode aired, AMC saw an opportunity to do some by using the immense popularity of the show. So they set up for real, and allowed visitors to make donations to a non-profit cancer organization called The National Cancer Coalition. According to the NCC, their goal is to "ensure everyone has access to quality medical care and drugs to fight chronic disease and cancer – no matter where in the world they live."

Today, AMC is announcing that the site has been a success. Here's what has happened in just a little over three years:

"Since the launch of in July of 2009, more than one million Breaking Bad fans have clicked on the "Click Here to Donate" button and visited the National Cancer Coalition's website, and to date, those fans have donated more than $125,000 to the NCC," says AMC in a blog post.

If you want to make a donation, the site is still up and running. Beware, it's pretty ugly as AMC let it mimic Walt Jr.'s design from the show.


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