You Can Donate to Hurricane Sandy Relief Through eBay, PayPal

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As the Americans hit hardest by this week's superstorm begin the long, arduous cleanup process - they're going to need all the help they can get. Since most of us can't physically help them pick up the pieces, monetary donations to charities that can do that are the preferred method of aid.

And now you can help with the relief effort using eBay and PayPal.

eBay has set up a dedicated Hurricane Sandy page where users can browse items that benefits Sandy-related charities. Here's how it works, according to a blog post:

"EBay Giving Works has launched a dedicated Hurricane Sandy site, where shoppers can buy products marked with a yellow-and-blue ribbon. The icon indicates that anywhere from 10% to 100% of that item’s final sale price, as designated by the seller, will go to one of a dozen charities or organizations working in the affected areas, such as the American Red Cross. EBay will credit seller fees in proportion to the amount the seller donates per completed transaction, with 100% of proceeds delivered to designated nonprofits."

On the relief page, featured items are marked with exactly how much of the price will go to charity and each item details which charity will be receiving the funds. As of right now, the American Red Cross has the most listings benefitting them, with over 10,000. Other charities like The Humane Society, WorldVision, and the Salvation Army also have thousands of listings.

If you're not interested in making a purchase or selling an item for charity and you simply want to make a donation, you can do so on the hub using PayPal.

"First and foremost, our thoughts are with those that have felt the devastation caused by this storm, including our employees, our users and our partners,” says Sean Miliken, eBay Inc. Director of Nonprofits Strategy. “We are continuously inspired and humbled by the generosity of the eBay and PayPal communities. When the need is greatest, they have proven time-and-again that individual acts of kindness of many can be a powerful force for good.”

Starting today, you can also make a donation using iTunes.

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