Groupon Grassroots Announced In Honor Of Earth Day


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It's Earth Day which means everybody is going to be talking about conservation and how we can go green a little more this year. One Internet company is using Earth Day to relaunch one of their services with a new name and renewed focus.

Groupon today announced the launching of Groupon Grassroots. It's the new identity for Groupon's old G-Team collective that crowdsourced funding for charities and community events. During the G-Team days, Groupon says more than 100,000 people raised more than $3 million dollars for more than 500 projects.

As for the Earth Day connection, Groupon will be getting the ball rolling on Grassroots by funding and hosting 50 environmental campaigns with $1,000 each. Some of these campaigns include raising money to run water-quality tests at surf beaches in Los Angeles or installing energy-efficient attic insulation at a Habitat for Humanity home in Atlanta.

If you find a particularly righteous cause on Grassroots, you may want to start funding it now. Groupon also announced a partnership with Edward Norton's Crowdrise, an online crowdsourcing charity, to start the Groupon Challenge. The three campaigns that bring in the most money will receive an additional prize from Groupon. First place will take home $25,000 with second and third taking home $15,000 and $10,000 respectively.

For its final announcement, Groupon is using its Getaways program for a good cause. For only $2,000, you can fly to Zambia to take part in volunteer efforts to help people in the region. It's not only a charitable venture, but a good vacation to boot.

If you aren't much of the Earth Day kind of person, there are still plenty of noble causes in Grassroots that could definitely use some attention and money. Check out the Web site for more details with potential causes to invest in. You just might change somebody's life for the better.