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Epsilon Breach Not Too Worrisome, According to Security Experts Epsilon Breach Not Too Worrisome, According to Security Experts
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The messages continue to flood inboxes, as a result of the Epsilon security breach, which put consumers’ email addresses into the hands of…someone. I’ve seen my share of messages from the companies that used Epsilon, warning me of the breach, …

Epsilon Hacked, Major Bank, Retailer Customers’ Email Addresses Stolen Epsilon Hacked, Major Bank, Retailer Customers’ Email Addresses Stolen
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Hackers have gained the names and email addresses of millions of people who do business with a variety of companies, by way of third-party email marketing provider Epsilon. Epsilon claims to be the world’s largest permission-based email marketing provider, sending …

Google Tackles SSL Certificate Security Google Tackles SSL Certificate Security
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Less than a month ago, a security incident involving SSL certificates and at least one Iranian hacker took place, startling more than a few experts in the process. Now, demonstrating its technical expertise and general goodwill (along with a sense …

Iran Implicated In Attack Targeting Google, Yahoo, Skype
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Google, Yahoo, and Skype users in Iran should be extra cautious online from now on.  Evidence suggests that the Iranian government organized an attack focused on obtaining nine secure digital certificates related to major sites. Note that this episode hasn’t …

Firefox 4 Official Release – Was It Worth The Wait?
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While Firefox 4 could be obtained yesterday, today marks the official release of the Firefox 4 (RC) download. For those who are keen towards browser advancements, these past couple of weeks must feel like heaven. We’ve taken a couple of …

Twitter Adds “Always Use HTTPS” Setting

The likelihood of a Twitter user losing control of his or her account should soon decrease by quite a bit.  Late yesterday, the company announced a new “Always use HTTPS” setting that’s designed to give everyone an obvious way of …

Square Security Defended By CEO Jack Dorsey
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Yesterday, Verifone posted an open letter, attacking competing credit card reader company Square, showing how criminals could use it to steal credit card info. “The issue is that Square’s hardware is poorly constructed and lacks all ability to encrypt consumers’ …

Square Security Flaw (Alleged) Introduced by Competitor VeriFone
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There has been a lot of buzz around Square, the credit card reader service co-founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. The service makes it easy for anyone to accept credit card payments, via a card reader that plugs into mobile …

Google Makes Chrome Faster And Safer
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Google has released updates to its Chrome browser it says will make complex web apps run more quickly and be more responsive. Chrome has a new settings interface aimed at helping users get to the right settings quickly. A new …

Google Beefs Up Android Market Security

Google announced that it has taken several new steps to keep Android users out of harm’s way with regards to malicious applications. The announcement came a few days after a few such apps were discovered in the market. Google says …

Intel Acquires McAfee: Now It’s Official
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Last summer, Intel announced its intention to acquire McAfee for about $7.68 billion at $48 per share in cash. Today, the company announced the completion of that acquisition. 

McAfee will maintain its own brand, and the first "fruits" of the partnership will hit the market later this year, the companies said. 

Spammers Hijack Google Brand to Push Online Pharmacy

Google Accredited Spam

Symantec’s MessageLabs Intelligence recently tracked a new pharmaceutical spam campaign that promotes an online pharmacy, claiming that it is "Google-accredited". 

"This is obvious brand hijacking: Google does not host or approve any pharmacy sites," a representative for the security firm tells WebProNews. 

Norton Launches Cybercrime Index

Norton has introduced a cybercrime index, which tracks and warns computer users of daily threats.

The Norton Cybercrime Index alerts people to online risks, including the day’s most dangerous websites, the most hijacked search terms by cybercriminals, as well as scams identity theft and spam.



Connecticut AG Asks Facebook About Security

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen is asking Facebook for information about its security measures for detecting and disabling fraudulent accounts following a complaint by a state legislator that her identity was used in a scam that asked her friends for money.

Google Makes Users Accounts More Secure

Google has introduced its opt-in security feature called 2-step verification to all users in an effort to make their accounts more secure.

The 2-step verification includes your password and code you get via your phone.  The Google Blog provides more details.




Google Tempts Hackers With $20,000 Prize
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Any hackers who think they know a thing or two about Chrome should strongly consider booking a flight to Vancouver, British Columbia.  At the Pwn2Own competition in early March, the first person who can exploit the browser will get $20,000 (and a Cr-48 notebook, if it matters) from Google itself.

Google Marks Data Privacy Day
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We’re not quite sure how the average individual is supposed to celebrate this – don a tinfoil hat and watch a few episodes of The X-Files, perhaps? – but Data Privacy Day is here, and Google’s attempted to acknowledge the occasion in several different ways.

Method of support number one: as you can see from the screenshot below, Google (along with Microsoft) is a sponsor of Data Privacy Day.  That means the search giant officially supports The Privacy Projects, which is the nonprofit think tank behind the unusual holiday.

Facebook Gives Businesses More Security for Their Apps

Earlier this week, Facebook launched some new security features for user accounts. Now, they’ve followed that up with new security feature for applications. 

"As companies building on Platform grow, they develop the need to give people different levels of access, depending on individuals’ roles," says Facebook engineer Harshdeep Singh.

Facebook Launches Secured Connection, Social Authentication Features
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Computer users who have learned not to submit important info online unless a "lock" icon is visible – and who’ve also come to fear captchas – should soon have a much-improved opinion of Facebook.  Today, the social network announced secured connection and social authentication security features to address both these issues.

Google’s Open Web Advocate Talks White House Web ID Plan
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As previously reported, the White House is working on a "National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace" or NSTIC, in which it has placed the Commerce Department in charge of an "Identity Ecosystem". The initiative has drawn a mixture of praise and criticism, and judging by our own readers’ comments, there is a whole lot of criticism. More on this here.

Hackers Charged with Fraud, Conspiracy Regarding 120,000 iPad Users’ Info

Two men have reportedly been charged after allegedly hacking into AT&T’s servers and accessing email addresses and other information from 120,000 iPad users last June. The two, Daniel Spitler and Andrew Auernheimer, have been brought up on fraud and conspiracy charges, according to Reuters, which reports: