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Mark Cuban Accused Of Insider Trading
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Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, and HDNet, has been accused of insider trading.  The SEC claims that, following a private conversation with the Mamma.com’s CEO, Cuban sold his entire stake in the company and thereby avoided at least $750,000 in losses.

The New Self-Distribution Model

Following the July 30 announcement from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about new guidance concerning Regulation FD, there has been plenty of online commentary and opinion on what people think it means for business, investors and communicators.

SEC Opens Up To Social Media

 Yesterday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved new guidance for publicly-listed companies in using traditional websites and social media channels like blogs to meet the SEC’s public disclosure requirements under Regulation FD.

Busted: Eight Ex-AOL Execs Charged With Ad Revenue Fraud
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Former AOL Time Warner CFO John Michael Kelly and seven other people were charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with causing the overstatement of ad revenue by over a billion dollars.

Google Eager To Please European Regulators

The company’s DoubleClick deal hit an unexpected snag when European Commission members decided to draw out their review to April 2008.

Google Still Waiting On SEC For Stock Quotes

When writing a story that revolves around stock prices, I prefer to wait until the market’s closed – don’t want the story reversing itself as I type, after all.  I’ve found that market updates from Google (and Yahoo and MSN) are a little slow, though, and for this, we can blame the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Google Finance Talks To China (But Not U.S.)

Google Finance recently gained the ability to share real-time stock quotes from China, and it’s rather proud of this fact.  Also, in the event you’re wondering why we don’t get real-time quotes from within the U.S., Google says it’s all the SEC’s fault.

LookSmart CTO Follows CEO Out Door
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I’d be surprised to see a single boulder fall; one would expect some other rocks to accompany it.  And now, in a business sense, that expectation has come true; about five weeks after LookSmart’s CEO resigned, the company’s CTO has followed suit.

Google Putting The Squeeze On VCs

Google’s not making as many friends as it used to. The latest group to sour a bit on the company are venture capitalists.

Of course, business isn’t really about making friends, but that hasn’t stopped VCs from complaining that Google swallowing up prime acquisitions.

Google’s Legal Counsel Settles $700k SEC Complaint

I’m a big believer in giving someone a second chance, but I’m not sure what to make of the news that Google’s chief legal counsel just settled an SEC complaint for is role with a previous company.

Google Lawyer Settles With SEC

David Drummond will pay the Securities and Exchange Commission almost $700,000 to settle their claims against him stemming from his work with a technology training firm.

IBM Skates On SEC Charges

Providing misleading financial guidance to analysts in 2005, as the SEC contended IBM did, never turned into anything as the two sides settled the dispute.

SEC Charges Hackers With Pumping Google

Three Indian nationals have been charged as part of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation into pump and dump stock schemes the boosted prices for fourteen stocks, including Google and Sun Microsystems.

SEC Kicks Off ‘Operation Spamalot’

The Securities and Exchange Commission suspended securities trading of 35 companies yesterday for their spammy ways. Entitled "Operation Spamalot," the SEC is targeting these companies because of artificial inflation of stock prices caused by spam campaigns.

Just How Rich Are Those YouTube Guys?

Exactly how much money it took to make YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen giddy as the schoolboys they are in this Google acquisition announcement video? Google’s latest SEC filing shows it’s roughly equivalent to the gross domestic product of Djibouti.

New Search Engine Marketing Certification Choices

As demand increases for skilled workers in the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industries, more educational options have become accessible during 2006. The latest option is called “Certification Pathways”, offered by the Search Engine College

Schwartz To SEC: Can We Blog?

Regulation FD, which regulates the fair disclosure of information material to a company’s operation, needs to be rethought so more CEOs can start blogging like Sun’s top executive, Jonathan Schwartz.

Going Public via Initial or Direct Public Offering

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the most well-known and feared governing body in the financial world. Its very name can be intimidating to a small company hoping to go public, but it doesn’t have to be.

Now Hang On a Sec…

This week it feels like someone must have cursed our house with a Chinese curse and we’ve suddenly been thrust into “interesting times.” Yikes.

Wither Goes the Wire Services

It’s been an active new years for the Wire service.

SEC Vs. The Estonian Spiders

It’s not a pre-season NCAA basketball exhibition matchup, but a case where the Securities and Exchange Commission has accused an Estonian financial firm of spidering confidential Business Wire information and profiting on trades.