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AOL Informs Starboard their Nominees are Useless

Things haven’t been stellar for AOL lately, but they are performing better than many expected. Months ago, Starboard, one of AOL’s major shareholder, voiced their concerns over AOL’s performance and what could be done to unlock shareholder value. More recently, at the end of February, Starboard issued a formal letter to the AOL board of directors asking that they be …

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Facebook Might Switch to NYSE after Nasdaq Failure

Facebook stock closed at $31.99 per share yesterday, and some speculate that there truly is no limit on how low it can go. One of several factors that might’ve contributed to the sensational IPO’s less than stellar performance was an alleged technical problem at NASDAQ early on, which has prompted some investors to sue, and likewise drew the attention of …

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Groupon’s Financial History [Infographic]

Yesterday I reported on a letter to shareholders from Groupon CEO, Andrew D. Mason. The main point of the letter was to express his vision for the future of the online coupon giant and to lay out the pieces of the puzzle so Groupon’s actions made more sense to investors. One key point Mason stressed was that heavy investments back …

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Facebook’s SEC Registration Statement: Zuckerberg’s Letter

For the quarter ending March 31st and for the upcoming initial public offering, Facebook has filed a registration state with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) outlining everything financial and otherwise about Facebook you could ever want to know. No, it’s not action-packed or even fun to read, but it does contain some interesting details I would like …

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Amazon UK: $11 Billion in Sales, No Taxes Paid

Amazon, the largest online retailer in the UK, last year posted sales of more than $5.2 billion in that country, but didn’t pay any corporation tax on the profits, which prompted an investigation by Britain’s tax authorities. Regulatory filings by Amazon US with the SEC show a tax inquiry into the company’s operation in the UK, where it sells about …

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Groupon Draws SEC’s Eye, Forks Out $8.5 Million To Settle String Of Lawsuits

Late on Friday, Groupon issued a press release revising its earnings report, which was initially released in February. As previously reported, lawyers immediately started seeking complaints against the company. In fact, one press release from law firm Federman & Sherwood came out yesterday afternoon, saying: The law firm of Federman & Sherwood, a nationwide law firm specializing in securities, derivative …

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Sen. Wyden Demands Vote On American Copyright, Patent Treaties

If you are curious about about what goes on in copyright and trade negotiations and more specifically how the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) functions, or if they function, you would be on the same page as Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon. He has had enough of the secrecy when it comes to these negotiations and he would like the Senate …

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Bill Opponents Warn of a Repeat of Enron

A new bill that would relax the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation on small and upcoming businesses seemed like a shoe-in last week, but it is facing some major opposition from democratic opponents who warn it could lead to another Enron-like scandal. The bill is closely tied with other regulatory functions that some in the House hope to reform …

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Facebook Creates A Challenge For SEC

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, it has become increasingly more difficult to regulate and minimize insider trading. A predominant reason for this is social media like Facebook and Twitter. The ease at with insiders can share and disseminate information among groups is astounding. Mary Shapiro, Chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission comments on the added challenges social …

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