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Google Adds Search By Image To Chrome

A little over two years ago, Google introduced Search By Image, which essentially brought the mobile Google Goggles functionality to the desktop. To use the feature, you’ve been able to click the camera icon in the search box (from Image Search), and upload a photo or simply drag and drop an image into the search box. Now, if you’re a …

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Google Drops Some Knowledge (Graph) On Search By Image Feature

Update: Just to be clear, Google does not include Knowledge Graph results on Google Goggles results at this time, as a Google spokesperson confirmed for us. A little over a year ago, Google came out with Search By Image for desktop search. It basically does for desktop search what Google Goggles does for mobile. It allows you to search the …

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Google Announces Search Education Website

Google’s Search Blog just announced its new Search Education Website, a new platform which can help students in the classroom become better at using search while learning. Tasha Bergson-Michelson, Google Search Educator, relates a scenario to where students were able to use Google’s Search by Image tool to find out more about a picture they’d found on a website. The …

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