Google Announces Search Education Website

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Google's Search Blog just announced its new Search Education Website, a new platform which can help students in the classroom become better at using search while learning.

Tasha Bergson-Michelson, Google Search Educator, relates a scenario to where students were able to use Google's Search by Image tool to find out more about a picture they'd found on a website. The class was very pleased when they were able to locate the source of the original, which ended up being an encyclopedia from 1826. Google seeks to educate students on this new form of problem-solving, to better play detective. All of this is quite a step up from trying to locate Carmen Sandiego.

Bergson-Michelson states, "Search education provides the technical tools and critical thinking skills crucial to preparing today’s students to be technologically self-reliant, independent learners." The Google Search Education group has been conducting classes for years to help educators see how valuable Google Search is regarding academic research. Google has also created a Search Education hub, featuring lesson plans built around the Common Core State Standards and “A Google a Day” search challenges, as well as training videos.

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