Google Open Sources Cloud Dataflow SDK For Java

Google Open Sources Cloud Dataflow SDK For Java

By Chris Crum December 19, 2014

Google announced the open sourcing of its Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java in a move it says will make it easier for developers to integrate its managed service while forming the basis for porting Cloud Dataflow to other languages and …

Amazon Officially Releases SDKs For Dynamic Perspective, Firefly Amazon Officially Releases SDKs For Dynamic Perspective, Firefly

Amazon unveiled the Fire Phone on Wednesday, and two of the most talked-about features are Dynamic Perspective and Firefly. The former enables the device to track where your head is with a system of cameras and sensors so your perspective …

Google Capital-Backed SurveyMonkey Launches New iOS App Google Capital-Backed SurveyMonkey Launches New iOS App

Google announced its new growth-stage business investment fund Google Capital this week. SurveyMonkey, one of three companies in its portfolio, just announced a new mobile app and SDK. The app is available for iOS, and lets organizations create surveys and …

Facebook Android SDK Gets Major Update Facebook Android SDK Gets Major Update
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Facebook announced today that it has launched a major update to its Android SDK, bringing Share Dialog and support for the Object API to the operating system. “The Share Dialog offers a lightweight and consistent way to enable sharing to …

Kinect Comes to Windows Kinect Comes to Windows

Today, Microsoft released a software developer kit (SDK) in beta for its Kinect product for the Windows 7 operating system, effectively meaning that software developers will be able to harness the capabilities of Kinect for use with personal computers running …

iPhone and iPad Apps About To Get More Integrated with Facebook
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Facebook has launched a new software development kit (SDK) for Apple’s iOS operating system, which powers the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This is an update from the previous SDK launched for the iPhone last March.

"With today’s update we’ll have SDKs for both iOS and Android devices that provide an even easier way for mobile app developers to go social," a Facebook representative tells WebProNews.

Bing Maps Gets New Features, SDK for Apps
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Microsoft announced some new additions to Bing maps today. These additions, the company says, will benefit both developers and end-users.

Official Facebook SDK For Android Released

The number of Android apps with ties to Facebook – while already large – is likely to soar over the next few weeks.  Or the existing apps should get significantly better, at least, as the first official Facebook SDK for Android was released this afternoon.

MySpace Offers New SDK To Android, iPhone Developers

It’s possible that MySpace will soon become much more popular with people who own iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, and Android devices.  MySpace announced this afternoon that it’s launched a new SDK designed to make it easier for developers to integrate the site into their applications.

AdMob Launches Tools for Cross-Platform Mobile Development
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AdMob has introduced new software developer kits for Android, iPhone, and Flash Lite in a move the company says makes it easier for developers to make money across multiple platforms. AdMob has also introduced the Adaptive Mobile Ad unit, an industry first, which enables PC sites to monetize on mobile traffic.

Opera Releases New SDKs and New Browser

Opera is unveiling three new releases at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This includes two new software development kits (SDKs), the Opera Devices 10.15 SDK for Linux and Windows CE (WinCE) platforms, and the company’s new standalone browser, Opera Devices 10 for WinCE (beta).

Google Releases Instant Messaging API
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Google has announced the release of a new API for building Talk bots on top of Google App Engine, Google’s product that lets developers create and host web apps on the Google infrastructure.

Microsoft Launches Bing Developer Kit for iPhone/Mac
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Microsoft announced that the Bing iPhone and Mac software developer kit (SDK) is available for download at Bing’s CodePlex. It is open source under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL).

Microsoft Launches SDK for Silverlight Bing Apps

This week Microsoft announced a Bing API application, which is a Silverlight feature that gives users the ability to manipulate Bing results. The software developer kit (SDK), is what Microsoft says the real news is.