Oakland A’s Fans Want the Team to Stay Home

Oakland A’s Fans Want the Team to Stay Home

By Ann Casano December 29, 2013

The Oakland Athletics can’t sell out every seat in their stadium, even during the playoffs. The Oakland-Alameda County Stadium, where the team has called home since 1968, is sort of a dump, especially when compared to the many new awe-inspiring …

SES San Jose Day Two Summary

A full featured and information packed day is how many SES attendees would describe day two of the conference in San Jose. I know the TopRank Blogging team would agree with 13 new posts today!

SES San Jose 08 – Satya Nadella Keynote

Satya Nadella (Microsoft’s Senior Vice President of the Search, Portal & Advertising Platform Group) spoke at this morning’s keynote at the Search Engine Strategies Conference.

Sam Johnson quoted, Satya Nadella Microsoft Keynote, SES

SES San Jose – Google Dance Photos

Didn’t make the Google Dance? Never fear, live the experience with the photos I just uploaded. A selection below.

Google Dance

SES – Lee Siegal Keynote Pics

On opening night at the Search Engine Strategies Conference this week in San Jose, Kevin Ryan () spoke with Lee Siegal about his book, “Against the Machine”, and the ideas in it.

Photos From SES San Jose

Unfortunately, I didn’t arrive in San Jose until after 6pm–so I missed all of day one. However, I did make it to the Internet Marketer’s Charity Party, which was a huge success.

I’ve posted a few photos from the event to my Flickr account. Here are a sample:

SES San Jose 2008 – Where’s Money For Search Going?

Day 1 at SES San Jose. I’m here as part of SEO-PR’s crew, interviewing speakers for the SES Conference Youtube Channel.

What To Look For At SES San Jose

You’ve probably picked up that this week is about SES San Jose from Dana and Ashley’s “15 Things Not to Miss at SES San Jose” followed by Jessica’s “Do You Know the Way to San Jose” post.  I am also headed out to sunny California next month.

Search Engine Strategies Announces SES Awards

To mark its 10th anniversary, Search Engine Strategies is hosting its first annual SES Awards in San Jose.

The goal of the SES Awards is to inspire innovation and new ideas. The awards ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, August 20, 2008, at the San Jose Conference Center.

SES: 10 Tips For Optimizing RSS
· 2

RSS feeds are a great addition to your overall SEO strategy, say the experts at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose. In addition to keeping your content fresh, they also increase the amount of optimized on-site content while helping the publisher reach new and niche markets.

SES: Ways SEMs Can Protect Intellectual Property

Trademark and copyright issues are complicated. That’s why we have lawyers. Luckily, we also have lawyers willing to drop by the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose to shine a little light on the issue.

SES: Ad Exchanges Are Changing The Game
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There’s a new frontier in online advertising: ad exchanges. Operating more like a stock exchange than a traditional auction, ad exchange networks seek to make better use of the long-tail of search destinations by matching up unused inventory with appropriate advertisers.

SES: Search As A Branding Vehicle

It’s official, search advertising isn’t just junk advertising (read: direct response, a la junk mail) anymore, it’s a key element in branding, or as they call it in San Jose, a "branding vehicle."

SES: SE Algorithms: Can you Please Them All?

Search engine specialists use to spend inordinate amounts of time creating pages that ranked well at just one search engine due to algorithmic weighting of known and very specific ranking factors.

SES San Jose 2006: Leveraging Social Media

Attending morning SES (Search Engine Strategies) sessions after a 4am wake-up, airport crowds, public transit shuffles and schlepping luggage all morning – I was a bit cranky by the time I finally arrived at the San Jose Convention Center for morning sessions.

So please forgive my mood here, but the "Leveraging Social Search" session seemed a bit lightweight and without any solid suggestions for attendees.

Deadline Draws Near for SES Discount Passes

If you’re in the search engine marketing industry, there’s really only one conference you need to attend, Search Engine Strategies San Jose – ok, technically there’s three a year, but you get our point.