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Salesforce Launches Desk.com (Desktop And Mobile) Salesforce Launches Desk.com (Desktop And Mobile)

Salesforce announced the launch of a new “social help desk” called Desk.com in desktop and mobile versions. “Desk.com and Desk.com Mobile enable businesses to deliver personal customer service using a help desk that is social, mobile, and easy to use …

An iPod Tree And The Android Story An iPod Tree And The Android Story

In today’s infographic round-up, we get a couple of evolutionary tales about rivals Apple and Google. One focuses on ten years of the iPod, and the other is about the Android Story. As an added bonus, we threw one in …

Yammer Talks Salesforce Integration and “Friends with Benefits” Campaign Yammer Talks Salesforce Integration and “Friends with Benefits” Campaign

Although Yammer and Salesforce have had a bit of a rocky past, Yammer recently announced that it was integrating activity streams from Salesforce into its own service. This means that sales leads, marketing campaigns, and other content that is entered into Salesforce will appear in Yammer’s stream as well.

Salesforce Announces a Slew of Products for the “Social Enterprise” Salesforce Announces a Slew of Products for the “Social Enterprise”
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Salesforce had a slew of announcements at its Dreamforce conference, including a new version of Chatter called Chatter Now. Also announced as part of what the company is calling the “Social Enteprise,” were: Chatter Approvals, Chatter Customer Groups, Chatter Service …

Toyota Friend, Salesforce Take Social Media to the Street Toyota Friend, Salesforce Take Social Media to the Street
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Is driving the car the best time to engage in social media? Probably not, but what if the car helped with these tasks, reducing the “need” for mobile device use while driving? Would a car that’s social media savvy appeal …

Salesforce Acquisition of Radian6 Complete Salesforce Acquisition of Radian6 Complete
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In late March, Salesforce announced it was acquiring Radian6 for $276 million in cash and $50 million in stock with the founders also getting $10 million in stock and $4 million in cash. Today, the company announced that the acquisition …

Salesforce Acquires Radian6, Social Platform It Was Already Using Salesforce Acquires Radian6, Social Platform It Was Already Using
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Salesforce announced that it is acquiring social media monitoring platform Radian6 for $276 million in cash and $50 million in stock. Founders will also get $10 million in stock and $4 million in cash. According to Salesforce, Radian6 is used …

Salesforce Service Cloud 3 Unveiled, Social Customer Interaction Emphasized
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It seems like only yesterday that Salesforce was talking up Cloud 2. Now, today, they’ve unveiled Service Cloud 3, the company’s next-generation social contact centers, which will let companies interact with customers on "any social community". That means Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network via social media monitoring software Radian6. However, it’s just supporting Twitter out of the box, from the sound of it. 

Yammer CEO Slams Salesforce’s New Chatter.com

It would appear that Yammer is not thrilled with Salesforce’s latest foray into social media-based productivity. Yesterday, Salesforce announced the launch of chatter.com, a free way for any business with its own email address to create a private social network for their company. 

Salesforce Launches Chatter.com For Any Business With Company Email Addresses
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Salesforce has launched Chatter.com as a way for businesses to create free, private social networks for their companies. 

Chatter, the product, has been around for a while now, and is often described as a "Facebook for the enterprise", but it has been part of the company’s Salesforce CRM and Force.com offerings. Now chatter.com is free to anyone with a company email address.

Salesforce Buys Dimdim for $31 Million
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Salesforce.com announced that it has acquired Dimdim for $31 million. The acquisition will help Salesforce expand its Chatter line of products, often described as a "Facebook for the enterprise", with real-time communication technologies.

The company says the move follows the proven Facebook model of combining real-time collaboration.

Salesforce Chatter Mobile Goes to BlackBerry
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Salesforce released Chatter Mobile for Blackberry. Chatter, if you’re not familiar with it, is the company’s social product, that’s often been referred to as a "Facebook for the enterprise."

Salesforce Continues Big Week of Announcements
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Salesforce continues to make big announcements as it hosts its Dreamforce event. So far, the company announced Database.com, Chatter Free, and the pending acquisition of Ruby platform Heroku.

Salesforce Acquiring Heroku – Major Platform for Social Apps

It’s only Wednesday, but it’s already been a huge week for Salesforce. The company is hosting its Dreamforce conference, and has already introduced a free version of its "Facebook for the Enterprise" Chatter product, and launched Database.com to go head to head in the Database space with Oracle. 

Salesforce Announces Chatter 2 with Adobe-Powered Chatter Desktop

Salesforce has just announced Chatter 2, the next generation of its Chatter product, which has often been referred to as "Facebook for the enterprise". The new version includes a number of new features, including a desktop app. 

Salesforce Announces Chatter Mobile
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Salesforce has announced a mobile version of Chatter, its enterprise social networking platform. The product will be available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry.

The company points out that people who use Facebook through a mobile device are twice as active on the site than non-mobile users (according to IDC), and that mobile devices are beconing "the new enterprise desktop" for over 50% of the workforce. With these things in mind, Chatter Mobile should be a significant part of Chatter’s future. 

Salesforce Announces Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM

Salesforce.com has announced the arrival of Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM. This is a new crowd-sourced business data service for Salesforce CRM customers.

A spokesperson for Salesforce tells WebProNews today’s announcement is significant for the following reasons:

Microsoft and Salesforce Settle Patent Dispute

Microsoft announced that it has settled the patent infringement cases it brought against Salesforce.com, and that the two companies have reached a patent agreement in which Salesforce will receive broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for tis products and services. This will also apply to Salesforce’s back-end server infrastructure.

In addition, Microsoft gets coverage under Salesforce’s patent portfolio for Microsoft’s products and services.

Google, ITA Software Talks Causing Stir in Travel Industry
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Reuters is reporting that Google is in discussions to buy ITA Software (which has been rumored for months), an airline IT and services provider. The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and provides airfare info to airlines, travel agencies, and travel web services.

Salesforce Chatter Now Available to Everyone

Salesforce.com  has announced the general availability of Salesforce Chatter, the company’s cloud-based enterprise "social collaboration" app and platform.

Chatter was introduced in November, launched in private beta back in February to 100 companies, and eventually expanded to over 5,000 customers. 

Salesforce Intros Community Rewards & Recognition Program

Salesforce has announced a new Community Rewards & Recognition Program, which the company says brings rich metrics including a clear call out of who its top contributors are.