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Software Revenue Rose 4.8% Last Year

The PC market is in a funk, with PC manufacturers scrambling to find a way to make desktop and notebook PCs relevant within the new reality of mobile tablets and smartphones. That doesn’t mean, however, that the software companies providing the applications for the PC market are headed the same way. As businesses and consumers push forward with their already-capable …

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Salesforce.Com Acquires ChoicePass

Today, ChoicePass, the employee reward site, announced that it is going to be acquired by enterprise solution provider, There haven’t been any financial details of the deal disclosed at this time, but the ChoicePass website will be shutting down by the end of June. Apparently the two companies share the same entrepreneurial spirit and passion for employee recognition. The …

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Buddy Media CEO Dispels Fear with Video on VSD

Yesterday, we brought you the news that enterprise cloud computing giant,, intends to acquire Buddy Media. It’s great news for Michael Lazerow, chairman and co-founder of Buddy Media who will be on the receiving end of the near $690 million deal. Now we are hearing from Lazerow in a totally different capacity. In a very recent YouTube video of …

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Enterprise cloud computing company, has entered into a deal with social media platform provider, Buddy Media, to acquire their company and pay them almost $690 million in cash and common stock. hopes to have the acquisition of Buddy Media complete before the end of October this year. Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of comments on the acquisition …

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Salesforce to Acquire Buddy Media

Enterprise cloud computing company Salesforce is set to acquire Buddy Media, the makers fo social enterprise software. The purchase would augment Salesforce’s enterprise offerings with a ready-made solution for social media brand management. The news was first reported by All Things D, which cites unnamed sources as saying the two companies have agreed to terms of the sale, though the …

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Salesforce Updates Chatter With Real-time Messaging

Salesforce, an enterprise cloud computing company, announced today that it will be updating Chatter, its social networking app and platform, with real-time instant-messaging capabilities and screensharing. The announcement came on the Salesforce Company Blog, where Peter Coffee, vice president and head of platform research at Salesforce, touted Chatter as “game-changing.” He stated that Chatter Messenger and Chatter Screensharing allow users …

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Salesforce.Com Unveils the Government Cloud is recognized as a leader in enterprise cloud -based computing and they have just announced a major deal that will bring many government agencies into the era of social network sharing. The contract will bring the latest social and mobile technologies to U.S. federal, state, and local agencies. It will provide a one-stop source where they can find, try …

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SalesForce Launches ChatterExchange, Centers “Entire Strategy” Around Chatter

Back in November, Salesforce announced its Chatter product, which it referred to as Facebook for the Enterprise. It launched in private beta in February, and now Chatter is set to become integral to the very core of what Salesforce has to offer. I spoke with Kraig Swensrud, senior vice president, product marketing at ahead of the announcement, who tells WebProNews, "Chatter is at the center of our entire strategy moving forward."

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Salesforce’s “Facebook for the Enterprise” has introduced a new enterprise collaboration application called Salesforce Chatter. A representative for the company bills it as a "Facebook for the Enterprise."

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Adobe Teams With Salesforce on New Flash Builder

Adobe and have partnered to launch the Adobe Flash Builder for, which Adobe says increases developer productivity for creating rich Internet applications in the cloud. The product can be used to enhance existing Salesforce CRM implementations and custom-built apps, or build new apps altogether.

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Salesforce Gives Users Free Sites

Salesforce has announced the general availability of Sites, which was demoed last year at the Dreamforce event. With it, companies can build and run any website on Salesforce’s cloud platform, the same platform that runs the company’s sales and service apps.

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Salesforce Introduces Free Mobile Service, the maker of business software has introduced a free mobile offering of its customer relationship management (CRM) services.

Mobile Lite will offers existing Salesforce customers access to its CRM service via a number of smartphones.

Mobile Lite is available on Apple’s iPhone, Research in Motion’s Blackberry smartphones and Windows Mobile devices.

"We want even more customers to experience the success possible with mobile access to our cloud," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO,

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Google, Connect Again On Cloud Level

The global strategic alliance between Google and just got stronger.  The two companies have teamed up to offer a package called for Google App Engine, which is supposed to help developers create new applications in the cloud.

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First Quarter Kind To

Another first-quarter earnings report has trickled in, and for, 2008 is looking good so far.  The CRM company beat analysts’ expectations in most respects.

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Google Becoming Too Big For Itself?

Fortune magazine has one of the most comprehensive "Google’s starting to fall apart" articles, I’ve seen in a long time.

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Since the beginning of October, the Dow has dropped nearly 1,400 points.  Even Google’s lost its glow.  But just posted fourth quarter financial numbers that beat analysts’ expectations and represent year-over-year increases in almost every way possible.

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Salesforce Releases Product For Data-Sharing

Separate companies are likely to have some things in common, and this is especially true if they use a single platform.  Now, in the event that they want to talk to each other, has provided them with a way of doing so.

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Salesforce Signs “Largest Deal Ever”

Citigroup and are both big companies, and a new deal between them isn’t insignificant, either – Citigroup chose Salesforce to provide software to 30,000 financial advisors.

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Google and have teamed up to integrate AdWords with Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Offering a hybrid called Salesforce Group Edition, the alliance is aimed at leveling the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses looking to compete online.

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Google, May Partner

Google’s no wimp, but it never hurts to have help when doing battle with a company like Microsoft.  A rumored partnership with would provide just that, although the financial details (or even any information about the resulting products) are still unknown.

Read More Lets Apex Fly

Third party developers can write applications that will run on the architecture, as enabled through the Apex language and platform.

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NetSuite Matches’s Search Tools

Hot on the heels of’s new search marketing service, comes news that NetSuite has launched their own offering. They’re clearly a tad upset…

Read More’s Finances Fail To Impress, a maker of CRM software, generated mostly disappointing financial news in the first quarter. Revenue rose by an impressive 63 percent, but the company’s bottom line weakened, and it gave disappointing guidance. Its stock dipped by 1.6 percent as the news was released.

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