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Yahoo Acquires Inquisitor
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There isn’t a dollar sign followed by a long string of digits to gape at, but Yahoo’s latest acquisition is still creating some questions.  Instead of some search or advertising company, the target was Inquisitor, a Safari browser plug-in.

Mozilla’s CEO Has Problem With Apple’s Safari Download

It’s been a few months since Apple has done anything to mark its

Mozilla CEO Blasts Apple’s Safari Ploy
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Slipping another web browser onto a PC along with an iTunes update strikes John Lilly as a risky security move.

iPh-owned: Apple Device Vulnerable To Attack

Code injection from a malicious website would make it possible to subvert the Apple iPhone into giving up data or even acting as a bugging device.

Firefox Still Gaining On IE

Firefox, the popular alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser is picking up steam worldwide, gaining one percent in market share in the past six months.

New RSS Reader by Apple for Windows

You’ve used Google Reader and BlogLines, but have you used Safari? Safari has been my RSS Reader (and browser) of choice ever since its debut years ago, but now its available for Windows as well! It’s not a web-based reader like others, but you can read, search, and sort all of your RSS feeds offline as well as online. Its subtle number count in your bookmark bar keeps you well informed when new content opens up.

Just A Little Less Firefox In January

The New Year started for the Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox browser as it did for a lot of people, with a little bit of an unsteady step backwards.

Microsoft IE Leaves Mac Safari

Microsoft will no longer support Internet Explorer on the Macintosh platform, and the browser itself won’t be available for download.

Yahoo on a SERPing Safari?

It looks like Yahoo maybe dickering with search engines results again, much to the chagrin of many of their customers. Many are noting a decided decrease in the quality of the product and some suggest Yahoo may just be tweaking their program.

Mac User Makes Auto Complete Search Function For Safari
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One of the bigger laments coming from the Mac crowd in relation to search is the lack of search utilities and tools for the Mac environment, although the Google Toolbar is available to Mac users, if they don’t want to use Spotlight.

The RSS Orange Crush

Last week I met with Scott Gatz from Yahoo. He heads up personalization at Yahoo. Scott said something interesting: millions of My Yahoo users are subscribing to RSS feeds, but they don’t even realize it.

Feedster Issues RSS Tutorial For Safari Users

Some have questioned whether or not RSS content would continue its rise in popularity, or would it taper off like many Internet fads that have come and gone. Apparently, RSS is here to stay, and its following appears to be getting stronger and stronger.

Mac OS X Tiger – Great News!

When an upgraded operating system is launched, it usually comes with a number of new features. Tiger will be no different.

Apple To Ship Tiger On April 29

Apple’s new version of their OS X operating system, called Tiger, is preparing to hit the market, and it appears it will do so running at full speed. Boasting over 200 new features, including one of the more robust desktop search applications, Tiger seems to be in a position to become one of, if not the, best operating system available to computer users.

Mac OS X Tiger Set For April 29 Launch

Apple is preparing to go to another level with its upcoming OS. Offering what is being called “The World’s Most Advanced Operating System,” today Apple announced the highly anticipated next version of its Mac OS X, which now resides at 10.4, called Tiger will be available to consumers on Friday, April 29th.

Gmail Adds Safari Compatibility

Following up to a recent WebProNews article about Gmail compatibility issues, news reports by MacMinute and SearchEngineJournal indicate that Gmail has added Mac’s Safari web browser to its list of browsers that are supported.

Two Safari’s

Look carefully at the image below. You see two Safari icons in the Dock (one third from the left, the other next to the app/doc divider), and also two Safari browsers open, both on the same site and page, but displaying very differently. The Font preferences are also shown, and this is what makes them different.