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This Magnetic Rube Goldberg Machine Changes the Game

Consider the gauntlet thrown down on all future homemade Rube Goldberg devices…because magnets. Magnets, of course, make anything better. You didn’t think Breaking Bad could get any more awesome but then they introduced a giant ass magnet. You didn’t think ICP could get any worse but then they started talking about magnets. See? Magnets make everything more interesting – espeically …

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This Rube Goldberg Machine Is Powered by Athletes

Fresh off of dropping a guy from 24 miles up in the stratosphere, Red Bull has now created a pretty incredible human-powered Rube Goldberg device, or according to them, a Kluge. Either way, various athletes from various sports serve as part of the machinery in the video, which features skydiving, biking, skateboarding, hurdling, and drifting. Check out “The Athlete Machine” …

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World’s Largest Rube Goldberg Machine Pops Balloon In Just 300 Steps

I’m a big fan of Rube Goldberg machines. There’s just a level of excitement and conversely calm and comfort that comes over me when I watch one function successfully. I guess since so much of my life is punctuated by actions that boil complex tasks down to a simple mechanic – the click of a button, the turn of a …

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Minecraft 1.2 Explained With Rube Goldberg Machine

Minecraft was updated to version 1.2 last week which brought a number of new features to the game. An intrepid gamer going by the name of Generikb has created an in-game Rube Goldberg machine that shows off all the new features that came with the update. While the official Minecraft 1.2 trailer was abstract and funny, it didn’t really explain …

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A Valentine’s Day Rube Goldberg Device For Your Wining, Dining, And Sexy-Timing

Tuesday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day and let’s face it: all of your posturing about “corporate holiday” this and “let’s be untraditional this year” that is probably not going to fly with your significant other. You’re going to have to do something – so why not make a quick little Rube Goldberg device? Nothing says “I love you” like intricate …

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