A Valentine's Day Rube Goldberg Device For Your Wining, Dining, And Sexy-Timing

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Tuesday, February 14th is Valentine's Day and let's face it: all of your posturing about "corporate holiday" this and "let's be untraditional this year" that is probably not going to fly with your significant other. You're going to have to do something - so why not make a quick little Rube Goldberg device? Nothing says "I love you" like intricate planning.

This video, courtesy of 2D Photography, shows what a successful date night Rube Goldberg device would look like. Not only does it pour the wine and set both the mood music and the mood lighting - but it does something particularly spectacular at the end. Let's just say that it helps guys with a certain mechanical problem that many of us seem to have.

Check it out below:

The folks behind the video have made other Rube Goldberg devices that have gone viral. Apparently, this one didn't take too long at all:

Here's our latest Rube Goldberg video. We had this idea really last minute and wanted to pump it out before V-day. This was a completely in house project and by far our fastest Rube. They're usually quite time consuming and so getting this done in a few days was a nice treat for us.

Impressive, I'd say.

If you're like me (and most of the YouTube commenters), one of the first things you noticed (other than the device) was the borderline creepy laughtrack. 2D Photography says that they added all of that awkward giggling after the fact just for the hell of it.

Today, YouTube unveiled their Valentine's Day Slam where users can vote on the best proposal videos across the site. Part of me thinks the bra-magic was the best way to end this, and the slightly more romantic part of me thinks a ring would have been even better. Now that would have been a proposal.

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