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Acid Tank Explosion at Rolls-Royce Plant Injures Nine People

An acid spill¬†Friday afternoon near Indianapolis led to an explosion that injured workers at a Rolls-Royce plant. Authorities with the Indianapolis Fire Department confirmed that the transferring of nitric acid at the West Township-based facility caused the incident. The department’s spokesman Patrick Pruitt says that the highly explosive chemical was being removed from a 250-gallon tank. Workers on the manufacturing …

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Rolls-Royce: Record Sales in 2012

While most of us are working toward climbing out of a years-long recession or struggling with unemployment, there are still a select few that are able to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a very nice car. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars today announced its third consecutive year of record sales. The company sold 3,575 cars last year, the most in …

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Can We Just Start Using LEGO To Build Everything?

Think about all the different components that goes into making an aircraft engine. The complexity and costs of each engine must be the reason why more people don’t build aircraft in their spare time. Rolls-Royce, maker of fine aircraft engines, has proven that all you need are LEGO. Rolls-Royce showed up at the Farnborough International Airshow yesterday with what they …

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