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Google Glass Champion Has Realization at Skrillex Show

Sudden clarity Robert Scoble had a realization at a Skrillex show recently. Robert Scoble was at a Skrillex show? Yes, it was Coachella. Oh, ok. Proceed. Google has a serious problem when it comes to Google Glass. Check out his musings: Post by Robert Scoble. Let’s all remember that Robert Scoble was one of Google Glass’ early adopters and champions. …

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Facebook Dislikes It When You’re Not Making Positive Contributions

It’s no secret that Facebook is probably never going to implement a Dislike button despite the fact that people have been clamoring for one for years. The very premise is against Facebook’s general modus operandi of seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. If you use Facebook, then only your positive interactions will be reinforced and your negative ones, well… actually, …

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Is the Future Getting Brighter for Google Buzz?

As I talked about a couple weeks ago, Google has been making some moves that could greatly increase Google Buzz’s shot at more widespread adoption. This includes the addition of some features, and perhaps more importantly, the release of the Buzz API (announced at Google I/O).

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