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Google Glass Champion Has Realization at Skrillex Show

Sudden clarity Robert Scoble had a realization at a Skrillex show recently. Robert Scoble was at a Skrillex show? Yes, it was Coachella. Oh, ok. Proceed. Google has a serious problem when it comes to Google Glass. Check out his musings: Post by Robert Scoble. Let’s all remember that Robert Scoble was one of Google Glass’ early adopters and champions. …

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Facebook Dislikes It When You’re Not Making Positive Contributions

It’s no secret that Facebook is probably never going to implement a Dislike button despite the fact that people have been clamoring for one for years. The very premise is against Facebook’s general modus operandi of seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. If you use Facebook, then only your positive interactions will be reinforced and your negative ones, well… actually, …

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Is the Future Getting Brighter for Google Buzz?

As I talked about a couple weeks ago, Google has been making some moves that could greatly increase Google Buzz’s shot at more widespread adoption. This includes the addition of some features, and perhaps more importantly, the release of the Buzz API (announced at Google I/O).

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Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Social Media

To some people, social media’s a shiny, happy, ball o’ fun.  Or at least an invaluable marketing tool.  There are dangers, however, and during a session at BlogWorld titled "Social Media: The Bad and the Ugly," four experts outlined six of them.

(Coverage of the BlogWorld conference continues at WebProNews Videos.  Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.)

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Blog Comments Going Real Time?

Comments on blogs posts and articles have in the past generally been a good measurement of how people have engaged with content, but as the web becomes more social and "real-time," the conversation is going all over the place, and there are other ways that people are engaging in conversation about content (this is why shareability is so important by the way).

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FriendFeed Acquired By Facebook

This is one of those posts that we’d rather bring to you quickly and fill in the blanks later–Facebook has just announced that it has agreed to acquire social network aggregator FriendFeed.

Facebook today announced that it has agreed to acquire FriendFeed, the innovative service for sharing online. As part of the agreement, all FriendFeed employees will join Facebook and FriendFeed’s four founders will hold senior roles on Facebook’s engineering and product teams.

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What’s Robert Scoble Building in Building43?

Back in March, popular blogger and technical evangelist Robert Scoble announced that he was leaving Fast Company. Now he works at Rackspace and is building what is being called a "community for people fanatical about the Internet." This is called Building43.

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Facebook CFO Waves Goodbye To Company

In the latest episode of “How the Facebook Turns” CFO Gideon Yu has been sent packing. The report at All Things Digital says the move appears facebook-logoto be in preparation of an initial public offering (IPO).

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Robert Scoble Parting Ways With

Robert ScoblePopular blogger and WebProNews blog partner Robert Scoble is leaving Fast Company after about a year of video work at But what’s in the cards next for Scoble?

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Blogging Hits Crossroads: A-Listers Giving Up

An old colleague of mine used to joke he was one of millions whose job it was to “feed the internet.” This past November, an alumnus of a prestigious writing program in Louisville, Ky. told soon-to-be-alumni his blogging career was short-lived because, like a bad girlfriend, his blog constantly needed him.

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BlogWorld Expo: Microjournalism

BlogWorldWebPronews anchor Abby Prince-Johnson was present for the "Microjournalism: Breaking news in 140 words or less" session at BlogWorld on Saturday. This one featured Robert Scoble, Doc Searls, and Laura Fitton.

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The (One-Sided) Anatomy Of A Startup Failure had a lot of buzz around it primarily because blogger Robert Scoble left the sturdy walls of Microsoft to be a part of it. There were others with nice pedigrees, too, and $7.5 million in VC funding spelled sure success.

It must not have spelled it in English, though. This week, PodTech sold to ViewPartner, a company that doesn’t even seem to have a website, for under $500,000, or enough to purchase a one-bedroom condo in San Francisco.

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Microsoft Gets Ready to Talk Photography

Microsoft is hosting Pro Photo Summit 2008 this week, a two-day event that "brings together renowned professional photographers and industry leaders" in Redmond.

According to Microsoft’s page for the Summit, said industry leaders will be discussing the biggest issues that are affecting the photography industry.

Keynote presentations will come from Microsoft CTO David Vaskevitch and nature photographer Frans Lanting.

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Microsoft Opens Up About Future in Search

Robert Scoble scored a video interview with Brad Goldberg, manager of the Microsoft Search team, and had an interesting discussion on what Microsoft has up its sleeve as far as their future in search is concerned.

What kinds of things can they do to compete with Google? Scoble suggests that some Mahalo-type strategies could be in order.

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Twitter Could Have Problems for Months

Lately, it seems that a high number of Tweets has been causing problems for Twitter, making key features unavailable, and in a post to the Twitter Technology Blog, it was implied that more popular users like say, Robert Scoble, who have a lot of followers are the reason that the service has been failing.

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Follow These 10 On FriendFeed

I’ve been pretty active on FriendFeed for the past couple of weeks and it has definitely become one of my new top spots on the web. In many ways FriendFeed simply replaces a lot of other sites where I was spending time in the past. It has completely replaced Twitter for me for instance and has also taken my chunk of time that I used to spend focusing on my Flickr contact’s photos (I now see all of these photos on FriendFeed instead of Flickr directly itself).

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Using Twitter To Report Quake In China

BBC: Twitter and the China earthquake.

I reported the major quake to my followers on Twitter before the USGS Website had a report up and about an hour before CNN or major press started talking about it. Now there’s lots of info over on Google News.

How did I do that? Well, I was watching Twitter on Google Talk. Several people in China reported to me they felt the quake WHILE IT WAS GOING ON!!!

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Twitter Used To Report Earthquake

Twitter doesn’t always work well; its frequent outages have earned it all sorts of negative attention.  It has at least partially redeemed itself, though, as Twitter was one of the first sites on which news of the earthquake in China appeared.

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Twitter And The Mark Zuckerberg Interview

When I arrived 15-minutes into the now famous interview of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, by BusinessWeek reporter Sarah Lacy the audience had already turned (it was two days ago and it still is the #1 topic of conversation on blogs and at SXSW, which is the conference that this happened at).

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Scoble’s Davos Videos

I made quite a few videos on Qik last week while at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Here’s my favorites, not necessarily in order of importance. I marked the must watch videos.

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Invited to the Fast Company Beta

Lee Odden was kind enough to invite me to the Fast Company beta, I assume he just imported his contacts from LinkedIn or Gmail (I hope he didn’t use Gmail because of security risks) so I have had a snoop around, added a profile and this blog to their list of feeds.

From what I can tell they have been live for over 1 month now, it is possible I received invites before and didn’t respond to them, along with the other 20+ invites I seem to receive to every new social networking platform.

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Scoble Chats with Facebook’s Zuckerberg

Yesterday morning I woke up early. Was sitting in the hotel lobby at 7 a.m. trying to check email when someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Mark Zuckerberg, founder/CEO of Facebook, which now has 68 million active users (people who’ve signed on in the past 30 days).

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Data Portability Workgroup: WPN Takes Inside Look

Since social networks are incredibly popular and since users are generally members of more than one social network, it would be convenient to transfer your data and pictures from one profile to another.

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Scoble’s Videos from Davos

Hey, I am a sucker for a good name drop. But I take you further than just writing a blog post saying something like “I met Vinod Khosla.”

I turned on my cell phone and let you interview him and others.

The BBC caught me doing this and wrote me up

Here are the videos I did today.

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Scoble Leaves PodTech, Joins Fast Company

We’ve known for a few weeks that Robert Scoble would leave PodTech this week, but we didn’t know where he’d end-up. Until today.

Top blogger, social media guru, and video podcaster, Scoble will join Mansuetto Ventures–the company behind Fast Company and Inc. magazines–and create a new video channel called

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Scoble Heads to Fast Company

Ahh, Andy Plesser broke my career news again (he was the guy who broke my news about leaving Microsoft too). Louis Gray got the story first, though, I think, although I told dozens of people at the BlogHaus last week at CES.

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Is Plaxo getting bought or what?

The consensus seems to be the company is for sale. The latest question concerns Facebook possibly buying them.

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Facebook Erases More Accounts

Damn, ever since Facebook blocked my account for a little less than a day people have been calling me with some real sob stories about how their accounts got turned off by Facebook and that they have no recourse.

I seriously don’t know what to do either, but I’m going to collect them all and then write a post. Maybe a little “A list blog attention” will get some accounts relooked at.

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Scoble on TV Experience and CES

Last week I was on CNBC twice. Once on “Fast Money” and once on Donny Deutsch’s “The Big Idea.”

The Fast Money segment has been torn apart on the Internet but Roger Ehrenberg of the Information Arbitrage blog had the most intelligent analysis of it.

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Facebook Joins Data Portability Group

This is pretty big news, it seems to me, after all of the back-and-forth about data being trapped inside Facebook — the social-networking site has joined the Data Portability Group, along with Plaxo and Google, and will now be helping come up with a standard for moving personal data into and out of different networks.

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The Data Portability Issue Isn’t Going Away

So Robert Scoble has his account suspended by Facebook for using an automated script to harvest his contacts and their email addresses (see my previous post), and all hell breaks loose.

Scoble, whose account is later reinstated, is denounced for being a publicity-seeking limelight hog, and for using a script from Plaxo that is an egregious breach of Facebook’s terms of use (since it uses optical character recognition to grab email addresses, which the site keeps as image files).

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Facebook A Bigger Thief Than Scoble

Even though Robert Scoble has been readmitted to the walled garden of Facebook and forgiven for his scraping, Facebook commits the same offense against other sites.

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Terms of Use – What Envelopes are Being Pushed?

Quite a major kerfuffle has developed in the past 24 hours over Facebook booting Robert Scoble out of the social network.

Facebook sent him an email that accused him of running an automated script which is in violation of Facebook’s terms of use.

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Scoble Was Testing Plaxo Pulse Feature

OK, so I’ve been released from my NDA. I was alpha testing an upcoming feature of Plaxo Pulse — this feature has not yet been released and now that my account has gotten shut down it’s not clear whether it will be released. It is a Facebook importer that works just like any other address book importer.

What does it collect?

Names and email address and birthday.

Why those? Because it’s trying to connect Facebook names with names in its database.

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Keeping Up With CES

OK, first, for those unlucky few that are going to CES (Consumer Electronics Show, aka “big gadget fest of the year”) for some reason, here’s some good posts to help you prepare:

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Who Does This Facebook Data Belong To?

In his post about Facebook disabling his account, uber-blogger and Facebook tart Robert Scoble admits that he was doing something that breached the site’s terms of use — specifically, he was running a script that accessed the social network and “scraped” data from it.

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More from Scoble on the Facebook Situation

I’m getting dozens of emails asking for my script. See, there’s a ton of people who WANT to be deleted from Facebook.

So far Facebook has been denying them, saying it’s impossible to delete everything you’ve ever done from Facebook. Well, if you go over to Rodney Rumford’s blog you can see that’s totally hogwash. Facebook CAN totally delete you from Facebook IF IT WANTS!

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Scoble Shenanigans Shuttered By Facebook

Notable blogger Robert Scoble pushed the Facebook envelope a little too hard with an automated script and ended up with a disabled account.

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2008 Could Be a Bad year for Content Quality

The web levels the playing field, allowing individuals to compete with larger corporations, largely through the smaller players making dirt public and launching viral marketing campaigns around issues. Because there is a publisher publishing every opinion and angle, it is easy to discount just about everything, especially attempts for new market participants to become remarkable.

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Blogpile On Scoble: He’s Leaving PodTech

After just a year and a half with, reports are surfacing that celebrity A-list blogger and author of Naked Conversations Robert Scoble is leaving the company next month. As a result, he’s really been taking his lumps from other A-listers.

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PageRank Update Another Message To Link Sellers?

Either the Google PageRank in your toolbar is officially meaningless, or Google just sent another message to link sellers. Once again, Google isn’t talking and we’re left to speculate.

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Death Of PodTech? That’s News To Scoble

When Dan Lyons, aka Fake Steve Jobs, wrote of the rumored imminent demise of video podcasting site PodTech, a few people picked up on the post as gospel. They missed something.

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Twitter + Etiquette = Twitterquette?

I’m not an early adopter. I’m not even, necessarily, a late adopter. When pagers were en vogue I eyed them as suspiciously as I would electronic leashes. It wasn’t until after living in Japan that I learned mobile phones had some worth – just because I sort of had to have one there. I’m an observer, not an adopter.

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Is Scoble Over Blogging?

One word, unless you’ve followed him beyond some magazine articles about him, synonymous with Robert Scoble is "blogger." One of the originals, Scoble literally wrote the book on the topic. And now, well, he seems to be disillusioned with the whole damn thing.

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Scoble: Microsoft Is Run By Geeks

Robert Scoble earned his fame through corporate blogging, not PR blogging, where messages are always sugared up, but through saying what he wanted about Microsoft while working at Microsoft. He’s on to other things now, but is still giving the Beast of Redmond the old what-for.

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Cutts Likes “Look Into Search Engine Marketing”

Robert Scoble and Matt Cutts have two of the most recognizable names in the search engine industry.  So when Scoble does an interview that gives “[a] look into Search Engine Marketing,” and Cutts compliments him on it, the 20-minute piece may well be worth a look.

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Bloggers Doubt Proposed Code of Conduct

Blogging was never really a genteel medium. It’s raw, uncensored, no posts barred. Until the chaotic nebula condensed and started emitting death threats, nobody, except lawyers, really had a problem with it.

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Sifry: Technorati’s Alive and Well

Just when you weren’t sure about the premier blog search engine Technorati anymore – the company blog bereft of Blogosphere reports, occasionally slow (or futile) search queries, no buzz anywhere – Technorati chief Dave Sifry pops online to say everything’s gravy.

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CEO: Google Is Like Your Ex – Cute, But Insane

Well, he didn’t put it exactly like that, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer didn’t pull any punches in regard to Google during an appearance in front of 450 Stanford University business and engineering students yesterday. In addition to calling Google’s employee growth-rate "insane," and its non-search products "cute," Ballmer implied Google was a one-trick pony.

(And we’ll have some class and not mention the shellacking Stanford took in the NCAA tournament by Louisville. Oops, guess we just kind of did.)

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Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto

Rules to at least read and get to know better, blogging on any level means that you are claiming to be an expert in something, even if you are an expert in rambling about the iniquities of life.

People do read what you say, and they form an opinion of the company you work for, or even just you when they read your weblog/blog or other communications. If you are corporate blogging you are the window to the world, you are a direct representative of that company when you blog.

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The Politics of the Blogosphere

Candidates for political office often run advertisements that portray opponents in a damaging light. Likewise, bloggers are beginning to take an increasing amount of liberty in their negative portrayal of certain individuals who are viewed as influential throughout the blogosphere.

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Scoble In The Blogger’s Lounge

Getting to Robert Scoble is like trying reach something that fell behind the refrigerator; he’s right there, you can see him, but people-shaped obstacles are preventing you from really being in the room with him.

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Stars Of Blogging Come Out At PubCon

Mike McDonald sat in on WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon Boston morning session today, featuring a trio of bloggers well-known to our search marketing and optimization audience.

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Agony Of The Blog Stars

When one is a high-profile blogger, and an employee of a prominent Internet presence, sometimes the prospect of posting an entry can cause some personal misgivings.

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