Google Glass Champion Has Realization at Skrillex Show

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Sudden clarity Robert Scoble had a realization at a Skrillex show recently. Robert Scoble was at a Skrillex show? Yes, it was Coachella. Oh, ok. Proceed.

Google has a serious problem when it comes to Google Glass. Check out his musings:

Let's all remember that Robert Scoble was one of Google Glass' early adopters and champions. He'll wear them in a public restroom. Shits aren't given.

But now he's not wearing them as much anymore. He says that most Google employees he knows aren't even wearing them that much anymore.

"It's not shocking to me that most Google employees I know that have them aren't wearing them around anymore and that many in the community are grumbling behind the scenes (most won't write about their concerns because they need to have good relationships with Google)," he says in the comments of that same Facebook post.

He definitely has a point in that Google Glass basically does the same thing a GoPro does. But why then does Glass feel creepy and intrusive? Why are Google Glass users "Glassholes" but people wearing GoPros on their heads at concerts aren't "GoPricks?"

Whatever the reason (I'm not sure if it's a lack of "empathy"), Google has done something wrong and something has to change. Stuff like this isn't helping.

And if you're raging at a Skrillex show, I can guarantee that you want no part of someone with a camera attached to their face.

Image via Robert Scoble, Google+

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