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Mamie Gummer Acts Mean To Mother Meryl Streep On Camera

Mamie Gummer had her worries with acting mean towards her mother. The actress talks about her film with Oscar-winning actress and real life mother Meryl Streep. ICYMI: Meryl Streep’s daughter Mamie says being mean to mom on camera was ‘a bit alarming’ — TODAY (@TODAYshow) August 5, 2015 The two appear together in the film Ricki and the …

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Mamie Gummer of ‘Ricki and the Flash’ Shares What It’s Like Working With Mom Meryl Streep

Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep’s 32-year-old daughter, shared what it’s like to work with her famous, award-winning mother in their collaboration, Ricki and the Flash. In an interview with ET Online, Mamie Gummer said there was one downside to working with her mom. “She had a much larger dressing room than I did,” said Gummer. In Ricki and the Flash, Streep …

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Meryl Streep To Star In New Diablo Cody Film

To all the closeted Mamma Mia fans out there: it’s time to pretend not to be excited about a music-themed movie starring Meryl Streep again. Streep, the only woman Americans would ever elect as president (her charm temporarily numbs voters to gender limitations), has been slotted to star in the upcoming film Ricki and the Flash, written by Diablo Cody …

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