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Discovery Channel Buys Revision3, Enters WebTV Fray Discovery Channel Buys Revision3, Enters WebTV Fray

After a couple of days when rumors began to circulate that the Discovery Channel was in talks to purchase Revision3, an internet-only television network and distributor of original content, the two media companies apparently shook hands today and finalized the …

4 Video Platforms You Need To Start Thinking About 4 Video Platforms You Need To Start Thinking About
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When you think of online video, more than likely you think of YouTube. That does make sense, seeing how they’re in the leadership position. But, have you ever wondered what the other platforms are that you need to be familiarizing …

Online Video Is More Than The “Big DVR In The Sky” Online Video Is More Than The “Big DVR In The Sky”

The future of online video is bright. A bit of an obvious statement there, but it’s the truth. But, for most it’s not being utilized to it’s full potential. For most, online video is just the “big DVR in the …

Content Creators Showing Ads On YouTube

At the annual shareholder meeting a month ago, Google promised new YouTube ad formats that would be neither pre-roll or post-roll.

Revision3 Shutdown By MediaDefender

Internet television network Revision3 suffered outages over the long holiday weekend after it was attacked by anti-piracy group MediaDefender.

Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, was surprised when he found out that MediaDefender was behind the attack that took down their whole network over the weekend. MediaDefender used Revsison3 BitTorrent tracker for the fake torrents they upload to BitTorrent sites.

MediaDefender blamed in Revision3 DDOS attack

Video site Revision3 suffered a crippling denial of service attack over the Memorial Day weekend, an attack MediaDefender not only admitted to Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback.

Revision3 Goes Mile High With Virgin

A partnership between Virgin America and online TV network Revision3 places several shows on the airline’s in-flight entertainment network.

Revision3 Touts Banner Net TV Year

2007 was very good to Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson, who parlayed Digg’s fame and fortune into Revision3’s on-demand Net video programming model.

Podcast Expo: Where’s The Host Connection?

Jim Louderback walked away from PC Magazine to helm Revision3 for Kevin Rose. He provided a keynote address at the Podcast and New Media Expo where he mentioned the importance of a host for a show.