4 Video Platforms You Need To Start Thinking About

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When you think of online video, more than likely you think of YouTube. That does make sense, seeing how they're in the leadership position. But, have you ever wondered what the other platforms are that you need to be familiarizing yourself with?

Is online video more than just YouTube? What do you think?

WebProNews caught up with the CEO of Revision3, Jim Louderback, at the Blogworld Expo in L.A. where he discussed his optimism in regards to the future of online video. He told us that there were 4 major platforms that people need to be thinking about in terms of online video.

The first is, obviously, YouTube. The video giant is just that - a giant. It has created multiple opportunities for people in the online video space and, with its latest move, hopes to create more. Last month, the company announced that it was adding more than 100 channels of original content from media companies and celebrities including the Wall Street Journal and Madonna.

According to Louderback, these new channels will raise the bar of professionalism on YouTube. In addition, he believes they will raise the "perceived value" for advertisers. He thinks that YouTube will package this new content with the big online video players, such as Revision3, in order to build itself into a multichannel bundle similar to Comcast or Viacom.

However, Louderback told us that, even though YouTube is the "next big platform as TV gets disintermediated," there are other platforms that need to be focused on as well. Secondly, he believes that Apple should be taken seriously as a video platform because Apple developed iTunes, which produced podcasts and multiple online video outlets. He suspects that they're working on "something" else as well.

"When Apple does 'something,' things happen," Louderback points out.

The third platform that Louderback thinks people should be acknowledging is Microsoft. Already its Zune product runs content across Xbox and Windows, and with its new Metro OS rolling out soon, Louderback sees this content coming to phones, tablets, PCs, and potentially, TVs.

Lastly, he thinks that Amazon belongs in the video platform game. He told us that Amazon's Kindle Fire would be the biggest selling consumer electronic device and that it would "revolutionize the way we consume media."

Although he didn't categorize it as a platform yet, Louderback hinted that Facebook could become a potential player going forward.

Do you agree with Louderback that these other companies are video platforms that we need to pay attention to? Let us know.

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