Online Video Is More Than The "Big DVR In The Sky"

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The future of online video is bright. A bit of an obvious statement there, but it's the truth. But, for most it's not being utilized to it's full potential.

For most, online video is just the "big DVR in the sky", as CEO of Revision3, Jim Louderback, recently told us. People visit sites like Hulu, CBS,, etc. to play catchup, because that's where you go when you've missed them the night before. Louderback went on to say:

"There is this whole other part of online video where people are trying to create stuff that looks like television. Like comedies, dramas, news… but that's done at less of a budget or more focused and targeted and the people doing it are able to be more experimental. There is a lot of experimentation that can happen with video when you break out of that structure… when you blow up that bottle that it's contained in."

So is the experimentation with online video a good thing? In this case yes. Louderback says that we're seeing more professional stuff going in, it's easier to create, the tools and compression are getting better, and it gives talented people the ability to go out and cover things in their own way.

During his interview with WebProNews at the Blogworld Expo, Louderback stated:

"You couldn't do this on TV, but you can do it here, build an audience and make it as long as it needs to be. You don't have to hit a network timeout, you don't have to hit a particular advertising break, if I'm boring… you cut me off and we're done. I think that's great because it allows the creativity of people before that had to be focused. They had to go to New York / L.A., you had to pay your dues, you had to sit within these rigid formats, and now you can do it in Lexington, Kentucky."

For the most part, network TV and online video are both getting better and better… but they're both still trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up and where they should intersect.

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