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Don’t Get Scrooged This Holiday Season

If you despise cold weather, crowded shopping malls and parking lots, or if you simply want to shop in your underwear, doing your holiday shopping online will be your savior. That is, if you know how to shop online without being scrooged.

Online Retail Soars as Cyber Monday Approaches

The Department of Commerce reports that online retail sales in the third quarter grew at four times the rate of total retail sales. In total, online retail sales in the third quarter reached $27.5 billion, which represents a 20.9% increase over the third quarter in 2005. In comparison, total offline retail sales for the third quarter 2006 are only up 5.1% from a year ago.

Bringing Your Retail Vision to the Web

For retail people, for many small business owners, they have a vision of the web site that they really hope to see, but have problems then translating from their vision to the details that technical folks need so that the vision can be realized.

Should Microsoft Have Its Own Retail Stores?

Ross Rubin, contributing at Engadget, makes a compelling case for Microsoft opening up its own retail stores, in order to see the kind of success companies like Apple and Nintendo have enjoyed, either with multiple retail locations driving sales, or a flagship store increasing visibility.

Etailing vs. Retailing

While much is known about retail store displays for physical stores, what about your ecommerce storefront?

MySpace Drives More Retail Traffic Than MSN
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You expect to see Google at the top the of list in pretty much any search breakdown, followed distantly behind by Yahoo!. But would you, in any category, expect MSN to be outdone by MySpace? Online shopping just got a lot more social.

Oracle Appcasts

I talked about Oracle Podcasting in a previous post. They now have a more Applications oriented podcast available called Oracle Appcasts.

Usability and the Retail Website

The ability to shop without leaving the comfort of your home – what a wonderful time to be alive!

Multi-Channel Retail – Plan For Success

The maturation of multi-channel commerce

Mobile Marketing Revs Up

One sure sign of summer is the up tick in mobile marketing news. The latest is from the Delaware News Journal.

Laying Tracks For Shopping Feed Standards

Submitting product data to comparison shopping sites and search engines can be a taxing process. Each engine has its own feed format and special requirements that create extra work and lower ROIs for retailers while reducing revenue and efficiency for the engines (especially the smaller ones). Understandably, then, a movement has begun to standardize the process.

High Oil Prices An Online Retail Opportunity

The threat of persistently high prices for crude oil through the winter could be a boon to web-based retailers.

Ka-ching! Online Retail Sales Hit $21.1 Billion

The Census Bureau of the US Commerce Department said those second quarter sales rose 7.2 percent over the first quarter.

Inflation Low, Consumer Prices Flat, Retail Sales Up

Last month, consumer prices were flat, while retail sales grew more than expected. Energy prices fell shortly, which may have added to consumers’ desire to spend.

Business Intelligence Solutions for the Retail Industry
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Traditionally, the retail industry has lagged behind other industries in adopting new technologies, and this holds true in its acceptance of BI technology.

Producer Prices, Retail Sales Drop in May

Last month, wholesale prices in the U.S. dropped 0.6%, which is their biggest decrease in over two years. Retail sales fell 0.5%, their most in nearly one year.

Retail Search Advertising Spending Doubles

A study conducted by the Forrester Research Group found retailers in the US more than doubled the amount of money spent on search engine advertising in 2004.

Using Drop Shipping for E-commerce
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Thanks to the ubiquity of the internet, online virtual businesses have become very popular business opportunities. Online retail stores are gradually playing a more important role in our lives than the traditional brick-and-mortar’ retail shops. Over the last few years, a new concept called Drop Shipping’ has emerged with the coming of the internet.

Wholesale Buyers Versus Retail Customers

Are wholesale buyers and retail customers really different? Frankly, there are two answers to this question: yes and no. Yes, because they are different from the buyers and those selling to buyers’ point of view and no, because the principles that apply are the same for both types of buying.

Retail Sales Gain but Disappoint in March

March retail sales did not live up to Wall Street’s expectations, but did manage to grow moderately.

Online Retail Sales Up 45 Percent From Last Year

A study conducted by comScore.com found online retail sales, after what some consider a slow start to 2005, are having a nice rebound when compared to numbers from this time last year.