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Facebook Steps Up Its Suicide Prevention Efforts

Since 2011, Facebook has had a system in place for reporting suicidal content. Of course, Facebook’s advice if you encounter a direct threat on the site is to contact law enforcement – but you can also alert Facebook to the suicidal posts, which it’ll investigate. As it stands, that reporting process is a bit clunky. Facebook, in a new initiative …

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Instagram Users Sent to Facebook When Reporting Other Users

Facebook assured Instagram users that their experience with the service wouldn’t change post-acquisition, and that Instagram would continue to “grow independently.” While Facebook isn’t necessarily backtracking on that position, they are beginning to integrate the two services little by little. The latest integration comes in the form of user reporting. Now, when Instagram users choose to report a user (for …

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Facebook Delves Deep Into The Reporting Process

With 900+ million people on the site, it’s inevitable that someone is going to post something that offends your sensibilities. And although Facebook has systems in place to weed out content that violates their terms of service, the company has always relied on users to report inappropriate, malicious, or otherwise unsafe content that they run upon during their daily browsing. …

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