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VGX 2013: Remedy Shares More Quantum Break Details, Announces Agents Of Storm

Remedy Entertainment has made a name for itself with games like Max Payne and Alan Wake. For its next title on the Xbox One, it’s moving beyond games that are titled after their lead character and into the whacky world of time manipulation with Quantum Break. On Saturday night, Remedy were at VGX to share more details about Quantum Break. …

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Dr. Oz Sued Over Insomnia Remedy

Unlike some daytime TV doctors, Dr. Mehmet Oz is an actual medical doctor. While that means his medical advice on The Dr. Oz Show may carry more weight than other TV doctors, it also means some viewers may put too much stock in some of the more home-brewed “remedies” sometimes described on the show. The New York Daily News is …

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Max Payne 3 Finally Launching In May

After almost 10 years of no activity, Max Payne is back and ready for another round of cinematic action and too many bullets to even count. Rockstar Games announced today that Max Payne 3 is expected to launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms on May 15. The PC version will launch a bit later on May 29. …

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