Dr. Oz Sued Over Insomnia Remedy

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Unlike some daytime TV doctors, Dr. Mehmet Oz is an actual medical doctor. While that means his medical advice on The Dr. Oz Show may carry more weight than other TV doctors, it also means some viewers may put too much stock in some of the more home-brewed "remedies" sometimes described on the show.

The New York Daily News is reporting that a New Jersey man is suing Oz over an insomnia cure the doctor described on his show.

The remedy that caused the man such trouble was one described by Dr. Oz on a show in April 2012. The "knapsack heated rice footsie" cure for insomnia involved placing uncooked rice into a pair of socks, heating them in a microwave, and placing them on the feet for 20 minutes to help with sleep.

The man suing Dr. Oz, 76-year-old Frank Dietl, ended up with third degree burns on his feet after attempting the remedy. Dietl reportedly has neuropathy in his feet due to diabetes, meaning he could not feel the rice burning his feet.

The Daily News report states that Dr. Oz did warn his viewers not to heat the rice sock too hot, though no specific warnings were issued for people with neuropathy.

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