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Gaddafi Shows Why Google is Failing Its Mission in Search Gaddafi Shows Why Google is Failing Its Mission in Search
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As you may recall, Google used to have a realtime search feature. When some topic was hot at any given time, and you did just a plain Google search on that topic, Google would show realtime results mixed right in …

Bitly’s Take On Social Search Bitly’s Take On Social Search
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Social search is an interesting animal, mostly because there are so many different approaches. There’s realtime search, like we’ve seen from Google+ and Topsy in the last week. There’s Google’s social search, which simply sprinkles social results throughout its web …

Google+ Gets Real-Time Search, Improved Hashtag Support Google+ Gets Real-Time Search, Improved Hashtag Support
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It seems like just yesterday when we were talking about how Topsy was doing Google+ search better than Google, as the company announced realtime (and other) Google+ search results. As a matter of fact, it was yesterday. Now, Google has …

Topsy Does More with Google+ Search Than Google Topsy Does More with Google+ Search Than Google
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You’d think nobody would be more on top of Google+ search than Google, given that Google is mostly known as being the search giant of the web, but Google only just launched a proper search feature for Google+ a couple …

Twitter Renews Bing Deal, Not Google Deal Twitter Renews Bing Deal, Not Google Deal

Twitter and Bing have renewed their search partnership, and announced it in a pretty interesting way: via a staged Twitter exchange. If you can go to Bing and Twitter’s respective Twitter accounts, you can see the conversation between the two …

Does Google Need Twitter? Does Google Need Twitter?
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As previously reported, Google is talking about bringing back its Realtime Search feature. It’s been missing since last month because Google and Twitter couldn’t agree on terms to extend their partnership which gave Google access to the firehose – the …

Google Realtime Search Will Be Back, Google+ Search in the Works Google Realtime Search Will Be Back, Google+ Search in the Works
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Last month, Google’s Realtime Search feature went away. This was the result of Google and Twitter failing to come to terms on Google’s use of the Twitter firehose, which allowed Google to tap into tweets in realtime. Twitter did not …

Google’s Matt Cutts Talks Facebook/Twitter Links’ Influence on Search Ranking
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We recently looked at how Google and Bing use links on Twitter and Facebook for organic ranking, following an informative piece from Danny Sullivan on the matter. Google’s Matt Cutts has now addressed the subject a bit more in a new video uploaded to Googles’ Webmaster Help Channel

Twitter Search Can Now Index 50 Times More Tweets Per Second
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Twitter has changed its entire search architecture, and nobody noticed for weeks until they pointed it out. It must be successful right? It’s supposed to be so powerful that it can index about 50 times more tweets per second than Twitter is currently getting. That’s a lot. 

Twitter is no longer using the technology it originally acquired from Summize, which became Twitter Search. Twitter’s Michael Busch explains the new technology:

Google Adds Instant to More Search Types, Countries

Google announced some new features for Google Instant. They haven’t released it for the browser or for mobile yet, but they have added some desktop functionality. 

First off, they have added keyboard navigation, so you can use Google Instant without touching your mouse, should you choose to do so. The navigation lets you scroll through Google’s search suggestions to bring up more instant results. 

TweetUp is Now PostUp, Includes Facebook, LinkedIn Updates

TweetUp, a search engine/ad network that has been based on Twitter, is now changing its name to PostUp, and is adding support for both Facebook and LinkedIn. The search engine will expand to include both bios and updates posted to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Google Gives Realtime Search a Homepage
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Google has given its realtime search feature its own homepage at google.com/realtime. Searches from this destination still take you to the updates section of a regular Google search.

While realtime search on Google itself isn’t new, there are still some new features Google has revealed along with the homepage. Product Manager Dylan Casey writes:

OneRiot Makes Staff Changes to Prepare for the Future

OneRiot says it has made some changes that will "propel the company to the future faster." The changes they’re referring to are that Kimbal Musk, formerly CEO, is now the Chairman of the company, while Tobias Peggs (formerly President in charge of Strategy, Sales, Distribution and Marketing) is now CEO.

Yahoo Gives Search Suggestions in “Near Real-Time”
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Yahoo has enhanced its Yahoo Search Assist tool (the search suggestions that come up when you start typing a query), to provide what Yahoo calls "near real-time" suggestions as you type.

OneRiot Adds Facebook to Realtime Search API
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OneRiot has just announced some additions to its realtime search API. "We are integrating Facebook data into the stream, so Facebook users who publicly share links on their profiles are now influencing the realtime search results available through OneRiot’s API," Meredith Bagnulo with OneRiot tells WebProNews. "In doing this, OneRiot now reflects the pulse of a much broader social web."

OneRiot Launches Out of Beta, Intros Trending Topics Engine
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OneRiot has officially moved out of beta today, and while doing so has also launched a realtime Trending Topics Engine.

"Our trending topics engine detects breaking stories and emerging trends faster than anyone else," OneRiot’s Courtney Walsh tells WebProNews. "And the topics are more detailed: we won’t just tell that iPhone is trending right now, we’ll tell you why."

Real Time Search Still Just a Concept
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We caught up with Michael Gray at SMX Advanced in Seattle and talked a little bit about realtime search.  Now, realtime search is one of those super buzzy concepts that meets all the criteria as the ‘Next Big Thing’.  It’s so big, Google is supposed to be afraid of it.  It’s so awesome, it’s going to change politics in the Middle East. Why, the way people are going on, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I got up in the morning and realtime search already had my coffee ready.