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Tag: realtime search

Google Algorithm Update (‘Colossus’ or ‘News-Wave’) Google Trends-Related?
On June 17, Google’s algorithm seemed to get a mysterious jolt with a mysterious update that Google deemed a routine, non-major change. Google s...
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Google Trends Goes Real-Time
Google just announced its biggest update to Google Trends since 2012 when it merged with Insights for Search. The new version provides users with real...
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Is This How Google Is Going To Use Tweets?
It looks like Google’s new Twitter integration might be starting to take effect, with one possible format seen in the wild on Android. Are you l...
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Google’s Twitter Update Is About To Hit
Long story short, what you say and what others say about you on Twitter may start mattering a lot more. Do you expect to benefit from Google’s c...
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Facebook Is Messing Around With Its Trending Section
Facebook is testing some changes to its Trending feature, which for some has become a staple of the Facebook experience since it launched on desktop e...
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Twitter Confirms It’s Messing With Its Search Experience
While covering Google’s closure of Google Moderator earlier, I searched Twitter on the desktop to see what people were saying about it (not much...
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What Google’s Twitter Deal Means For You
News came out last week that Google and Twitter have struck a new deal to put real-time tweets back into Google’s search index. The companies ar...
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Twitter Talks Google Deal, Says User Growth Trend Already Turned Around This Year
Twitter reported its Q4 and fiscal year 2014 financial results on Thursday, with 97% year-over-year revenue growth for the quarter at $479 million. Ad...
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Google And Twitter Partner On Search Again
Google and Twitter have finally reached a new deal that will see Google indexing tweets in real time, according to a report from Bloomberg (and appare...
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Twitter Search Now Indexes Every Public Tweet From Last 8 Years
Twitter’s search engine just got a lot more comprehensive. It’s long been a helpful tool for real-time search, but now it’s going to...
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Twitter Regretting Not Getting That Google Deal Done?
Remember the days when you could search for something that was in the news on Google and get a set of realtime search results comprised mainly (but no...
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‘Too Many Cooks’ Reminds Us That Facebook Is Really Slow At Rolling Out Graph Search Features
A lot of people are talking about “Too Many Cooks“. Maybe you’ve heard. It’s been trending on Twitter all weekend and througho...
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Apple Acquires Topsy, Which Recently Launched A Twitter Search Engine
Apple has acquired social media analytics firm Topsy Labs for over $200 million, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, citing “peo...
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Twitter And Bing Renew Search Deal
Bing announced today that it has renewed its search deal with Twitter, which provides tweets in search results for a “near real-time” expe...
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Twitter Shares Some Search Ranking Details
As previously reported, Twitter has launched some new search-related changes for its iOS and Android apps. Here’s what Twitter said about search...
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How Twitter Understands Why You’re Really Searching For ‘Honey Nut Cheerios’ (And Decides What Ads To Serve You)
Twitter’s Edwin Chen and Alpa Jain wrote an interesting post on the company’s engineering blog about improving Twitter search “with ...
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Twitter Adds Trends For 100 More Cities
Twitter announced today that it has added Trends for 100 more cities around the world. Among them are Istanbul, Frankfurt, Guadalajara and Incheon. Th...
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Without Realtime Search, Google Risks Pushing News Seekers Away To Twitter
Will Google ever restore its realtime search feature? Will Google and Twitter ever reach another agreement giving Google the access to Twitter’s...
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Twitter Takes A Hard Look At Real-Time Search Queries
Google, which has essentially ruled the search world for years, once recognized the value of realtime search, and Twitter search in particular. The tw...
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Twitter Improves Realtime Search While Google Lacks It
Twitter announced some new improvements to its Discover tab today. It’s getting more personalized, and will begin surfacing content based on twe...
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