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Google Reportedly Readying Property Portal in UK
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According to the Financial Times, Google is in talks with estate agents in Britain to launch an online property portal for the UK, similar to one that already exists in Australia. Through that one, agents list properties and show pictures from Google Maps Street View.

FT cites Douglas & Godon (an estate firm) commercial director Ed Mead as its source, who claims to have spoken with Google about the plans. No comment has been received from Google on the matter.

MySpace Losing $1 Million Per Month On Empty Offices
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Don’t be shocked if ads for 420,000 square feet of office space start popping up all over MySpace.  It seems that the social networking company no longer intends to use a particular facility, but until it can unload the space, has gotten stuck paying over $1 million per month.

New Googleplex Established In Brussels

Google has branched out (or more accurately, built up) yet again.  Simon Hampton, Director of European Policy and Public Affairs, announced today that the search giant’s established a Googleplex in Brussels, Belgium.

Hampton explained on the European Public Policy Blog, "Until now, our small policy team in Brussels worked from temporary abodes.  From now on, you can find us at Chausse d’Etterbeek 180 1040 Bruxelles, right in the heart of the European quarter."

Google Maps Takes Another Crack At Real Estate
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There’s about a month left before the $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit becomes a thing of the past, and – perhaps like many individuals – Google’s not going to let this opportunity slip away.  The search giant’s upgraded Google Maps’s real estate options in several different ways.

Plan For Impressive “Yahooplex” In Motion

Either Yahoo learned nothing from the real estate bubble, or the company’s got something pretty fantastic up its sleeve.  Or it’s just sending out feelers, not preparing to pour concrete.  Anyway, a fresh report indicates that Yahoo’s taken a step towards building a large, new campus.

Twitter Lines Up New Office Space

If you happen to know any Twitter employees, start saving cardboard boxes for them.  The company that’s associated with short messages has acquired a bigger office space and should soon move a couple of blocks within San Francisco.

Google Adds Real Estate to Australian Maps
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Over a year ago, Google started incorporating real estate search into Google Maps in the US. Now Australia gets the feature.

Facebook Nine Days Away From New Headquarters

In nine days’ time, a lot of Facebook employees will likely wind up carrying cardboard boxes full of office supplies to their cars.  Fans of the social network don’t need to worry about the company going under, though; instead, everyone will just be relocating to a vastly bigger workspace at the Stanford Research Park. 

Microsoft Setting Aside Seattle Expansion Plans

Sometime this spring, construction of a Seattle development known as 2201 Westlake should be completed.  There will be 14,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, 134 condominium units, and 302,200 square feet of office space.  Only the office space may remain empty, because Microsoft has backed away from it.

Google Language, Land Expansions Take Place
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It seems that a little recession isn’t going to halt everyone’s favorite search giant.  Google is continuing to branch out, with a recent growth spurt seeing it buy more land in Mountain View and make sure people who speak all sorts of languages can use its products.

Google Opens New Office For Federal Enterprise Sales
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In a recession, steady customers are a business’s best friend, and it’s hard to name anything as rock-solid (impending change of leadership aside) as the U.S. government.  So Google’s done a rather clever thing and opened an office for the federal division of its Enterprise Sales group in Reston, Virginia.

Yahoo Real Estate Unveils New Search Experience

Pity the poor person who’s trying to sell a house in this market; with prices diving and places available on almost every street, they probably won’t get a great deal.  But an updated Yahoo Real Estate aims to make sure sales at least occur, and it might become a buyer’s dream.

Zillow.com Reducing Staff By 25%
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Online real estate Web site, Zillow.com has announced it is cutting 25 percent of its staff, which amounts to 40 employees in order to "securely batten down the hatches as we sail into a major economic storm," the company’s chief executive officer, Rich Barton wrote on the Zillow Blog.

Yahoo Pays $15M For Nebraska Building

Suppose you’re going to start a diet on Sunday.  That means a fill-the-trunk trip to the bakery is in order on Saturday, right?  So Yahoo seems to think, as word has come that it paid about $15 million for a space in La Vista, Nebraska.

Yahoo May Establish Data Center In Nebraska

La Vista is located near the eastern edge of Nebraska.  Its Wikipedia page makes it sound like a pleasant enough place, and if the implications of some recent reports are right, the city is about to get a big boost courtesy of Yahoo.

Facebook Picking Up New Offices

As charts tracking Facebook’s growth have gone up and up, it’s only natural that the company’s employee count would do something similar.  Now, in order to accommodate everyone, Facebook’s taking over some offices in the Stanford Research Park.

Trulia Takes In More Funding

Which would you research more: a seemingly safe purchase when you have lots of cash, or a risky one when the economy’s bad?  It makes a great deal of sense, then, that real estate site Trulia has just raised $15 million in funding.

Google Consolidating Denver And Dallas Offices

Google’s recurring physical expansions may have gone a little too far.  There’s word that the search giant now plans to shrink a bit by closing offices in Denver and Dallas.

Google Adds To Its New York Office Space

Converted into acres (1.15), the area doesn’t sound so impressive.  Look at it in another unit of measurement, though, and Google’s 50,000 square feet of fresh office space starts to seem like a lot.

The Internet’s Influence For Home Buyers

Just what we want to hear – bad news about the housing market, but this time online. Turns out online searches didn’t have as significant impact on homebuying or renting decisions as we may have hoped. That doesn’t necessarily mean real estate sites should pull back their budgets though.

Google Maps Offers Real Estate Listings
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Realtors have had a hard time these past six or so months; as the housing market crashed, the competition for buyers grew fierce.  Now Google’s making things even more interesting by introducing a real estate search option on the main page of Google Maps.