Facebook Schedules HQ Announcement For Feb. 8th

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If you happen to live in California and know any Facebook employees, consider saving cardboard boxes and bubble wrap for them.  The company's poised to make a big announcement about establishing a new headquarters, scheduling a media event for Tuesday, February 8th.

Caroline McCarthy reported this afternoon, "Facebook has sent out an invitation for a Tuesday press conference at an address in Menlo Park, Calif., which houses the city's municipal buildings.  The company has confirmed CNET's guess that it would be to formally announce new headquarters within the Silicon Valley city."

Odds are excellent Facebook's taking over the old Sun Microsystems campus.  Rumors on this subject have been circulating for some time, and Facebook recently bought 22 acres nearby.

Really, the only surprise here seems to be why Facebook isn't making the announcement today, on its seventh birthday.  This seems like a good opportunity to break big news, unless someone's worried about a lack of media coverage due to Super Bowl weekend.

A few days here or there won't matter in the long term, though.  The important thing is that Facebook's continuing to grow, and has plenty of money, to boot.