Facebook Buys Menlo Park Buildings

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Current and potential Facebook employees who are weighing their options should set aside any concerns about lack of elbow space.  Although things might be getting tight at the company's current headquarters, reports indicate Facebook has bought two new buildings.

Mike Swift wrote, "Records filed with the San Mateo County recorder's office show that Giant Properties LLC, an entity connected to Facebook, bought the properties at 312 and 314 Constitution Drive on Dec. 27 from Argonaut Holdings.  Giant paid a transfer tax of $22,577, suggesting a purchase price of about $20.5 million for the two properties."

The properties aren't the sort of high-cost, low-square-footage buildings you find in a downtown setting, either.  Instead, they're near the former Sun Microsystems campus in Menlo Park, and about 120,000 square feet of office space is supposed to be at stake.

That office space is supposed to come on around 22 acres of land, as well.

So the new properties should be very pleasant and roomy, allowing Facebook's employees to spread out a bit and not compete for parking spaces.

They may soon be able to spread out even more, too, as Swift reported, "Multiple sources familiar with Facebook's plans say the company could close as soon as next month on the 57-acre former Sun campus off Willow Road, which housed about 3,000 Sun employees last year . . . .  The former Sun campus is a short distance from and linked to the Constitution Drive properties by a pedestrian walkway . . ."