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Michael Jackson: Estate that he Died in is for Sale Michael Jackson: Estate that he Died in is for Sale
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The estate that Michael Jackson died in is up for sale. The king of pop passed away at the age of 50 on June 25, 2009. The star died after his physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, injected him with propofol in …

Rentini Concerned Over New Hawaiian Bill Rentini Concerned Over New Hawaiian Bill
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A lot of us are familiar with vacation rental and timeshare websites- owners post their properties online, users take a look, and rent what they pick out. This is all about to change in Hawaii, where vacation rentals are big …

Twitter Helps Man Sell Home For $135,000 Above Asking Price Twitter Helps Man Sell Home For $135,000 Above Asking Price
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A tech-savvy Melbourne homeowner used social media to go all out in selling his home and was rewarded with $135,000 above his asking price. Not bad for a little extra work around the house. Real Estate agents, neighbors and most …

Mary Kay Ash Pink Mansion For Sale Mary Kay Ash Pink Mansion For Sale
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Mary Kay Ash sold beauty products to millions of American women. And, she got a lot of them to sell the stuff for her. She drove a pink Cadillac, and she gave away more than a few of those to …

How Century 21 Utilizes Social Media to Connect with Consumers How Century 21 Utilizes Social Media to Connect with Consumers
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It’s always interesting to hear how brands, especially very traditional brands, utilize social media. Century 21 is one company that has embraced it extensively because, according to Matt Gentile, the Director of Public Relations and Social Media for the company, it is vital for businesses to embrace social and mobile platforms.

Brands Need To Embrace Social and Mobile Platforms to be Successful Brands Need To Embrace Social and Mobile Platforms to be Successful
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For brands, no matter what size, they need to embrace social and mobile platforms to be successful. This was the advice given by Matt Gentile, Dir. of Public Relations & Social Media of Century 21 at the Blogworld Expo in …

Postlets Acquired by Zillow Postlets Acquired by Zillow

Online Real Estate giant Zillow announced that it has acquired Postlets for an undisclosed sum. “Real estate professionals love Postlets because you create a property listing just once, and Postlets automatically distributes it across the Web,” said Zillow CEO Spencer …

Google To Lease Beverly Hills Office Space Google To Lease Beverly Hills Office Space
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A California city associated with rich, beautiful, and not always brilliant people will now also act as home to some of Google’s certified geniuses. The company intends to open an office in Beverly Hills as it continues to establish relationships …

Gowalla To Open UK Office

Earlier this month, Gowalla made a splash at SXSW in Austin, seeing all sorts of check-ins and earning the conference’s top award in the mobile category.  Now (although there probably isn’t a true cause and effect), the company’s going to …

Foursquare Shows Interest In UK Expansion

Check-in company Foursquare may itself be on the move in a sense.  Although nothing’s certain just yet, its cofounder and CEO, Dennis Crowley, has gone on the record stating that he’d like to establish an office in the UK rather …

Twitter May Rent Facebook’s Old New York Offices
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People have compared Twitter in Facebook in many ways over the years, and now, it looks like one more similarity between the two companies might soon exist.  Rumor has it Twitter will take over some offices Facebook used to occupy …

Google Announces Big Expansion In Latin America

More details of Google’s plan to hire 6,000 new employees have come to light.  It seems the search giant will focus an unusual amount of attention on Central and South America, making a special effort to step up operations in that area.

PayPal Opens New Customer Service/Operations Center
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Thanks to PayPal, the unemployment rate in Chandler, Arizona should dive rather soon.  PayPal announced today that it’s opening a new customer service and operations center in the city, and the center is designed to accommodate as many as 2,000 employees.

Google Buys Tallest Office Building In Dublin
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In 2003, Google opened its first office in Ireland, and following a rapid expansion, it doesn’t look like the company intends to reverse course anytime soon.  Google’s now purchased the tallest office building in Dublin for about $136 million.

The Montevetro Building, as it’s known, is 15 stories high and offers 210,000 square feet of office space.  It’s located in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock district, is currently unoccupied, and even has its own rail station to boot.

Facebook Establishes New Sales Office In Hong Kong
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Facebook’s ad sales in Asia should soon pick up by a significant amount.  The company’s opened a new office in Hong Kong, and it means to make sure local firms learn all about using social media to reach potential customers.

This undertaking might not be immediately successful.  The Hong Kong office is only Facebook’s second sales office in Asia (the other’s in Singapore), so companies could need a little while to perform tests and get used to Facebook’s way of doing things.

San Fran Tax Incentives May Lure Twitter Into Rough Part Of Town

Twitter employees who like to plan for the future might want to start researching the price of mace, tasers, and/or stab vests.  Rumors indicate that the mayor of San Francisco intends to offer Twitter a deal on office space, only the space is located in a less-than-pleasant part of town.

Facebook Schedules HQ Announcement For Feb. 8th

If you happen to live in California and know any Facebook employees, consider saving cardboard boxes and bubble wrap for them.  The company’s poised to make a big announcement about establishing a new headquarters, scheduling a media event for Tuesday, February 8th.

Yahoo And Zillow Partner On Real Estate
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Yahoo said today that all of its real estate listings will now be powered by Zillow.

Zillow will also sell local advertising on both sites, and the 4 million listings on Zillow will appear on Yahoo Real Estate.

Yahoo-Zillow Real estate agents will be able to advertise locally on Yahoo Real Estate, and home buyers will have more access to listings on the site along with more photos.

Facebook Buys Menlo Park Buildings
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Current and potential Facebook employees who are weighing their options should set aside any concerns about lack of elbow space.  Although things might be getting tight at the company’s current headquarters, reports indicate Facebook has bought two new buildings.

Google Waves White Flag In Real Estate Fight
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The people behind sites like Realtor.com, Redfin, and Trulia can breathe a sigh of relief and perhaps throw a party.  They seem to have defeated Google, which announced this afternoon that it’s retiring the real estate feature within Google Maps.

Google Leases 100,000 Square Feet Of Space In Venice, CA
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Yesterday, Google announced that it intends to hire more than 6,000 new employees this year.  Now, we’re starting to learn where the search giant will put some of its workers, as word’s spread that Google’s leased 100,000 square feet of office space in Venice, California.