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Americans Are Warming Up To Google Glass And Its Ilk

Do you like Google Glass? Are you scared of its privacy implications? Turns out most Americans fall into both camps. USA Today reports that a new survey out of Rackspace has found that Americans love wearable technology like Google Glass. By and large, 82 percent of wearable technology users think that devices like Google Glass have had a positive impact …

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Rackspace Acquires MongoDB DBaaS Provider ObjectRocket

Rackspace announced today that it has entered an agrement to acquire Object Rocket, a MongoDB DBaaS provider. A Rackspace spokesperson tells WebProNews, “Every web application requires a database to store customer behavior and other critical data. With this open source-based MongoDB solution, Rackspace will further its open cloud mission and broaden its product portfolio to offer customers a NoSQL database …

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Rackspace Announces New Cloud Services

Rackspace announced today that is has launched new cloud services. It is calling its new cloud capabilities the “world’s first large-scale, production ready next generation cloud.” The services are built on Rackspace’s OpenStack open-source cloud platform and backed by their “Fanatical Support” customer service guarantee. “The open era of the cloud is a reality and Rackspace has positioned itself at …

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SXSW – Rackspace Startup Program, Cloud 2.0 iPad App Launched

Rackspace has kicked off SXSW Interactive with the announcement of the Rackspace Startup Program and Rackspace Cloud 2.0 an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch (the timing of which also coincides with the release of the iPad 2). The Rackspace Startup Program provides cloud resources to startups participating in programs with 500 Startups, TechStars, Y Combinator and General …

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Rackspace Takes Cloud Infrastructure to Europe

Rackspace has launched its Cloud Infrastructure in Europe. "After strong growth in 2010, Rackspace is off to a solid start in 2011," a representative for the company tells WebProNews. 

The company’s new pay-as-you-go cloud offerings based in the UK include Rackspace Cloud Files, running on OpenStack Object Storage, and Cloud Servers, based on the Xen hypervisor. The new cloud platform joins the dedicated hosting platform already offered in EMEA.

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OpenStack Open Source Cloud Project Sees Rapid Growth

Rackspace Hosting just announced the six-month anniversary of OpenStack, the open source cloud project started by Rackspace and NASA, and that it has already grown to include 40 companies working on fighting against the emergence of proprietary cloud stacks and creating a standard way to deploy applications and connect clouds. 

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Rackspace Acquires Cloudkick for Cloud Server Management Apps

Rackspace announced that it has acquired Cloudkick, which creates web apps for cloud-server management. 

Rackspace considers the move a way to better position itself in Silicon Valley, as Cloudkick was originally funded by Y Combinator, and its headquarters is in San Francisco, "making Cloudkick’s headquarters the latest outpost for delivering Fanatical Support and innovation in cloud computing," a representative for Rackspace tells WebProNews.

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Should Gmail Be Worried About Facebook?

You’ve no doubt heard or read about Facebook’s new messaging announcement this week. If not, the company announced a new messaging system to combine email, SMS, IM, Chat, and other forms of online communication, bringing them into one inbox. Along with this comes email addresses. CEO Mark Zuckerberg described the system as "starting from scratch" as opposed to being a Facebook email product. 

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Rackspace Launches a For Business Apps

Rackspace has just launched Appmatcher, a "matchmaking engine" for businesses to locate apps tha can assist them in their duties. Businesses can use AppMatcher to find apps for everything from accounting to project management and human resources. 

It’s interesting because it aims to match apps to businesses based on their profile information. RackSpace tells WebProNews it will will "revolutionize business apps".

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Court Ruling Raises Fair Use Questions Around DRM

Elecronista reports that a new court ruling could set a legal precedent to allow the bypassing of DRM for fair use purposes. "The decision could impact the media industry as it may allow breaking DRM for music, movies and other formats as long as the material isn’t pirated," says Electronista.

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Rackspace Teams Up with NASA on Open Source Cloud Project

Rackspace and NASA are collaborating on an open source cloud platform aimed at "fostering the emergence of standards and cloud interoperability." The platform is called OpenStack.

Rackspace is donating the code that powers its Cloud Files and Cloud Servers products, and NASA is contributing its Nebula Cloud Platform. From there, the two will actively collaborate on joint technology development.

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