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All Facebook Employees Required To Have Facebook Accounts All Facebook Employees Required To Have Facebook Accounts
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This may seem obvious, but all Facebook employees are required to have Facebook accounts. Facebook Director of Engineering Andrew “Boz” Bosworth confirmed as much on Quora. In response to the question: “Are there people at Facebook that do not have …

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs New York Times Crossword Puzzle Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs

Today’s New York Times crossword puzzle is a special one. Sure, it was created by the man who holds the record for fewest black squares in a NYT puzzle, Quora engineer Kevin Der. With that in mind, that’s not what …

Search Quality Should Trend Upward With Expert Content Search Quality Should Trend Upward With Expert Content
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We talk about search quality a lot these days, particularly since the rise of content farms, and Google’s efforts to improve in light of them. While the quality of a search result isn’t always life or death, results for certain …

Quora Hires Facebook Recruiter Quora Hires Facebook Recruiter

The growth rate of Quora (and we mean the actual company, not just the Q&A site) may soon increase at a rapid pace.  Quora has hired Andy Barton, a recruiter with an interesting resume, and presumably wants him to do …

Quora Changes Should Benefit Search for Medical, Legal Queries Quora Changes Should Benefit Search for Medical, Legal Queries

It looks as if Quora is bringing a new level of authority to its legal and medical-related content. This could end up being great for search, depending on how Google ranks the content. Quora announced the addition of new legal …

Quora vs. eHow: Where’s the Better Quality?
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Ok, the title is a trick question. There’s no concrete answer to this. You’ll find a mix of quality across both Quora and eHow. Furthermore, these sites are two different animals, but there is some overlap. Both sites have more …

Quora Visits Tripled Last Month

According to the latest post on the Hitwise blog, the volume of visits to Quora nearly tripled in January due to considerable coverage from technology news websites. Below are highlights from the post:

Answers.com Sells For $127 Million

Over the next few days, onlookers shouldn’t be surprised if the mix of questions on Answers.com begins to favor inquiries of the "what kind of ____ should I buy?" variety.  Fans may have some extra money coming to them, as Answers.com announced this morning that it’s being acquired for $127 million.

Data Credits Quora With 150 Percent Growth In January

Quora, the Q&A site that bloggers and Silicon Valley early adopters can’t get enough of, is growing quickly, according to a new report.  Andrew Chen published some stats today showing that even a conservative estimate pegs the January growth rate at 150 percent.

Facebook Will Never Let You See Who’s Viewed Your Profile
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If you use Facebook, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered some app or some friend claiming they’ve found a way for you to see who has been viewing your profile. Chances are, it was a scam. 

In fact, a few months ago, there were reports circulating about such scams. One in particular, security firm Sophos said attracted 60,000 clicks in just a few hours. Such scams still pop up from time to time. Your best bet is to ignore them, no matter how curious you are. 

The Silly Quora Debate

Over the past month or so there’s been an escalating amount of hype and discussion about Q&A startup Quora in the tech world. As a quick background, Quora was founded last year by former Facebook executives/engineers Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. It raised a nice round of venture capital at a really high valuation for a company that had yet to launch.

Are Businesses Using Instagram and Quora to Engage?
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I pay attention to emerging technology and trends on a daily basis. While I track many networks, tools, and services, I take the time to share those that appear to gain traction or offer interesting prospects for tomorrow’s business, today.

Is New Ask Feature a Response to Growing Interest in Quora?

Ask announced today that it is rolling out the ability to personalize the Q&A experience, which has become the core focus of the site. 

Ask users can use the "Browse by Interests" tab to view questions/answers (content) that are relevant to them, which should make the experience a great deal more useful. 

How Will Quora Handle Being Both Twitter and Wikipedia?

You’ve probably noticed that Quora has been getting a lot of press here in early 2011. As a result, the site is getting a lot of new users. As a result of that, there is growing concern that Quora will have a hard time maintaining the level of quality that led to it getting all the press in the first place. 

Will Quora Go Mainstream?
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Recently, I have had an influx of Quora friend requests in my inbox. Honestly, I have not seen so many social media experts flock to a social media web site since all of my social media and search engine marketing buddies flocked to Twitter.

Foursquare CEO Has Plenty of Advice for Entrepreneurs

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley likes to lend advice to entrepreneurs. A quick glance at his Quora activity makes this pretty clear pretty fast. In fact, this is a perfect example of why Quora has been covered in the press so much lately, as a valuable source of content. 

Try Looking At Quora For What It Is
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Quora has been around for a while now, but it’s getting a whole lot of attention from the tech Blogosphere this week. Naturally, many have questioned its value, but bloggers seem to love it. Why is that? Is Quora the "biggest blogging innovation in 10 years" as Robert Scoble asks?