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Foursquare Asks Users to Help Make the App More Informative

Foursquare has spent the past year or so making a bunch of alterations to its apps with one clear goal in mind: Foursquare wants to be the go-to place for local search and discovery. Foursquare is taking on Yelp, Google Places, Urbanspoon, and more. Remember that “going beyond the check-in” line that Foursquare has been using for years? Well, now …

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Facebook Questions Get the Hook

So long, Facebook Questions. We barely knew ye, nor ever really cared to. Facebook Questions debuted in the summer of 2010 and gave users the ability to post public queries to their friends. Who’s the best Backstreet Boy? What’s the best pizza place in town? Whatever. The product saw some buzz at the very beginning but soon became a mostly …

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Where Is The Universe?

Have you ever asked yourself “Where am I?” “What am I?” “Who am I?”; Have you ever just stopped to ask “where is the universe?” As Robert Lanza, M.D. of Wake Forest has a very interesting article, where he explains that as children we are taught that the universe is divided into 2 entities; ourselves and everything outside us. The …

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