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Google Changes AdWords Quality Score Reporting

Google announced a change on Friday to how Quality Score is reported in AdWords. The company says the change was made so that it more closely reflects factors that influence visibility and expected performance of ads. “Under the hood, this reporting update will tie your 1-10 numeric Quality Score more closely to its three key sub factors — expected clickthrough …

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Big Patent Suit Against Google Over Quality Score Goes To Trial

Last year, a company called Vringo sued Google over a couple of patents, and last week, the case began trial in Virginia. The patents are directly related to AdWords and AdSense, which are obviously vital to Google’s revenue. One patent (6,314,420) is described in the following manner (via Ars Technica): A search engine system is provided for a portal site …

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AdWords Quality Score Explained with Latest Update

In addition to Google offering account labels for keywords in AdWords, it’s also now offering a new tool that details the Quality Score of a keyword so marketers can optimize an ad’s performance. When looking at your AdWords account, hover the mouse cursor over one of the keywords and you’ll now see a yellow box pop up with more detailed …

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Google AdWords Quality Score: What’s In The “Sauce”

Google calculates Quality Score every time a search is performed for one of your keywords. Google says the score can affect your ad auction eligibility, your keyword’s cost-per-click, your keyword’s first page bid estimate, your keyword’s top of page bid estimate and your ad position. Google’s Tanmay Arora posted a big explanation of Google’s “Quality Score sauce” in the AdWords …

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