Twitter’s Protected Tweets and What They Mean

Twitter’s Protected Tweets and What They Mean

By Alex Williams September 4, 2013

So Twitter released this statement on August 29: Now if you’re confused by this, you can always check Twitter’s page on protected tweets and see what all the hubbub is, bub. If you’re someone who shrieks at the sheer sight …

Google – Soft on Privacy?
There’s been quite a lot of news this week about Google and privacy so I thought I’d break out some of the links from tomorrow’s This Week In SEO post and devote tonight to a post about Google and privacy. I’ll toss in some of my own thoughts as a bonus.

Senate Pushes Web Pharmacy Regulations

There’s most likely a balance between no regulation and too much regulation, and the current Democratic Congress is walking that line. No one would doubt the potential harm caused by "rogue" Web-dealers, but Sen. Patrick Leahy’s (D-Vt.) tightening grip on Internet service providers should at least cause one to step back a bit to look at it.

NY Board Seeks Google DoubleClick Delay

Concerns about privacy have prompted the New York State Consumer Protection Board to ask the Federal Trade Commission for a delay in approving Google’s proposed purchase of DoubleClick.

Utah Lawmakers Take Blinders Off, Earplugs Out

A resounding "DOI!" came springing out of the Utah legislature late last week as lawmakers acknowledged they should have done a little background work, or at least listened to all the squalling, before they passed the Trademark Protection Act.

Utah vs. Google: Trademark Debates Heat Up
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The Utah State Legislature has passed a bill that would make it illegal to purchase keywords relating to a competitor’s product in order to show up alongside them in search results. The Trademark Protection Act has come under much public scrutiny, most notably by Google.

Utah Law Bans Competitor Keyword Bids

The Utah State Legislature has passed a Trademark Protection Act that creates a new type of mark called an electronic registration mark; it probably will not survive a Constitutional test according to the state’s own general counsel.

YouTube to Offer Copyright Protection “Very Soon”

It appears Google’s finally starting to realize that if YouTube is to continue its success, they need to figure out how to protect copyright holders from video piracy.

Google To Improve YouTube Copyright Protection

When Google bought YouTube last year, most throughout the blogosphere saw the move as a natural fit for the search company and lauded the acquisition as an monumental success.

Nearly six months later, however, YouTube’s sparkle is beginning to fade amid the copyright complaints that are plaguing Google’s legal department.

MSN Dutch Digg Clone Forgets Spam Protection

Recently (I honestly don’t know when), MSN launched a Digg clone in the Netherlands, called MSN reporter.

You can submit your story, and others can vote for it or against it. The top stories go to the MSN.nl homepage.

Now the boys at MSN haven’t really thought this through, as they store what stories you’ve voted on in… your cookie-jar!

MySpace Beats YouTube To Copyright Protection

Compounding YouTube’s recent rows with copyright holders, YouTube’s biggest backdoor competitor, MySpace, announced a pilot program developed with Audible Magic to block copyrighted video from being posited in the community.

Brand Protection vs. Link Baiting

Any publicity is good publicity…

Sex Surfing at Work: Employers Need Protection

IBM continues to find itself embroiled in ongoing litigation surrounding the wrongful termination claims of former employee James Pacenza, who is suing the company over his dismissal after it was revealed that he had utilized his office computer to access sexually oriented chat rooms.

Firefox 2.0 RC2. An Upgrade?

Last week, Mozilla officially made the second release candidate (RC2) of its popular Firefox browser available for public consumption. As reviews pour in, an interesting debate is brewing amongst developers. Is Firefox 2.0 truly an upgrade from the current incarnation?

Advanced Hotlink Protection

Many of you may be using cPanel hosting software for your website, and may already have hotlink protection configured from within that.

Javascript Password Protection

The protection of web pages using a password comes up sooner or later when developing your site. The most secure way is to implement PHP, ASP or other advanced web programming languages.

AOL Taps CA For Spyware Protection

New anti-spyware tools will help protect members of AOL from a whole variety of malware online.