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Automated Scripts to Improve Site Productivity

There are two types of web sites on the Internet. The die hard SEO managers still favor static pages, because they are easier to crawl and more visible to search engines, and it is fairly easy to add a few hundred pages to a website by copying and pasting or creating a template.

ApplTop 11i Productivity and Compliance Solutions

In a recent announcement, productivity and compliance software developer ApplTop Solutions Limited stated they are making their entire product suite, as well as a majority of the source code, available under their new ApplTop Free & Open Software License:

Another Test of ‘is Microsoft listening?’

Rod Boothby, a manager with Ernst & Young, has an awesome post about what he wants from a Web Office, among other things.

Principles of Productivity and Operations Management for Small and Mid-size Business

For this article, I selected a sector that has not been covered by authors and could hardly be found in books for Operations Management. I find this topic’s importance and significance to the global economy, and the Western, in particular, very high.

Managing Internet Access for the Enterprise

It’s 10:00 a.m. – Do You Know Where Your Staff Is?

Why Human Resources Training Is Essential For Your Business
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In today’s business world proper training in human resources is imperative.

B2B portal: A Business Platform to Ultimate Productivity Improvement
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If somebody tells you that your present corporate website can be converted to a B2B portal which will help you significantly improve your company’s productivity in both of the two primary factors: Revenue Growth and Cost Saving, and that the portal can be launched in a matter of months with a very reasonable investment, what will be your reaction?

Zany Ideas That Increase Writing Productivity And Quality

Welcome to the zany ideas of a productive writer. My students keep reminding me of my unusual tools and how helpful they have been for them. I also thank my students for their concept testing and refinement. Now, I feel much more confidant about sending them out into the world.

An Inside Look At Yahoo! Messenger

I attended a pre-launch briefing for the new Yahoo Messenger. I have to hand it to the folks at Yahoo for having people like me …

Star Wars Debut May Force Productivity Loss

Businesses around the country, especially those tied to high-tech industries, will see workplace efforts supplanted by Darth Vader.

The GTD Word of Blog Success Story

Lately I have been feeling out of sync with everything I want to get done – oh, you know, in life.

Information Technology and Productivity in Your Business

On March 21, 2005, Germany’s prestigious Ifo Institute at the University of Munich published a research report according to which “More technology at school can have a detrimental effect on education and computers at home can harm learning”.

Managers Enable Happiness and Productivity

Among the latest batch of new manifestos available yesterday from ChangeThis is this great one …

Immigration Policies Slow U.S. Productivity

Post September 11 immigration policies in the U.S. may slow down productivity in the country according to Federal Reserve Governor Ben Bernanke.

Performance and Productivity Applications Help HR Managers

Performance and Productivity Applications Help HR Managers to Align Corporate Goals, Individual Performance, and Staff Development Initiatives.

Borland Acquires ESTIMATE Professional from Software Productivity Center

Planning and Estimation Tool to Advance Value of Borland CaliberRM Requirements Management Solution.

The Must Have Software Your Business Needs To Maximize Your Productivity And Efficiency

Whether you run a small business or a home office, there are six broad categories of software you need to maximize your productivity and efficiency.

10 Ways To Help You Plan Your Home Office For Productivity, And Comfort

Some home offices are set up in a dedicated area just for the business, but most people need to have a family room, bedroom, or guest room do double duty.

9 Steps to Supercharge Your Productivity with Creativity

Time is the great equalizer. Everybody has the exact same number of hours in each day. For most people, the hours available are usually less than the hours needed to get everything done. However, by using the following principles of creativity, you should be able get more done in less time, while making certain that you are doing what’s most important and moving yourself closer to your goals.

E-commuting: Improved Productivity Using Home Computers

Working away from company premises via computer and phone links is a rapidly developing trend. Business Week reports 200 U.S. firms experimenting with the process, and more than thirty already operating formal programs. The University of Southern California’s Center for Future Research predicts that five million people will work this way within ten years. An “Association of Electronic Cottagers” has already been formed.

Enhancing Productivity

Here are a variety of tips from one of my recent seminars that will help you enhance your productivity. They’ve all been used by top managers with great results.