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Joyce Mitchell: Chinese Dinner With Husband Provided ‘Moment of Clarity’ for Prison Worker Who Was Supposed to Drive Getaway Vehicle

Joyce Mitchell is locked up for her role in the prison escapes of Richard Matt and David Sweat from the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York. She was supposed to have picked the two inmates up in her vehicle and returned to her home where they planned to kill her husband, Lyle Mitchell. It was during what would have …

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Ohio Inmates Build Ladder for Prison Break

Three Lima, Ohio prison inmates spent months building a 13.5 foot ladder which they used to escape back in September. A state prison report released Friday revealed that T.J. Lane, Lindsey Bruce and Clifford Opperud were all quickly apprehended. One of the inmates had previously made headlines – On February 27, 2012, Lane went on a shooting rampage at Chardon …

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Ionia Prison Escape: Convicted Murder On The Loose

According to Corrections Director Daniel Heyens, Michael David Elliot was a good prisoner. He didn’t cause trouble, at least he didn’t before his escape from the Ionia Correctional Facility in Michigan over the weekend. “”Nothing in this man’s history would have indicated a high risk of escape. He was serving his time.” In 1994, Elliot was convicted for his role …

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Wentworth Miller Shares Important Personal News

Female fans of the popular hit series Prison Break may be letting out a collective sigh of disappointment this evening as Wentworth Miller has announced the reason behind his decision not to attend the St. Petersburg International Film Festival as the respected guest of honor. His reason, released in the form of a letter, as many popular and significant rejections …

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Pink Panther Gang Again Breaks Members Out of Prison

Some producer out there needs to get started on this as a movie idea right away. According to the Atlantic Wire, members of the famed international jewel thief ring, the Pink Panther Gang, have staged a daring jailbreak of a Swiss prison to free members of the gang. Prison officials say it was more than a simple jailbreak. It was …

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