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Michelle Obama Vs. Hillary Clinton, Survey Reveals Winner In Presidential Race

Who do you think would win, Hillary Clinton or First Lady Michelle Obama? That’s the question that Rasmussen asked hypothetically to voters in a bid to gauge how the Democratic presidential primary would run by suggesting a potential challenger to current favorite Hillary Clinton – the First Lady herself. The results were quite surprising (or not, depending on how you …

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Jeb Bush: Should He Run For President Or VP?

Jeb Bush is famously silent on his intent to run for President. It is rumored that even his brother, George W. Bush, doesn’t know his leanings on the subject yet. But, while many have said that Jeb Bush would make a great Republican nominee, some say that he would make an even better candidate for Veep. Jeb Bush’s stance on …

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Bobby Jindal for President 2016?

Republican Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal threw down the gauntlet this week when he announced that he has switched positions on his opinion on Common Core standards for education. For those of you who don’t have kids, Common Core is basically a Federal standard for what school kids should know at the end of each grade level. This, theoretically, would institute …

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