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End of the World Prank Warns of Impending Tsunami

A tsunami just hit New York. Yeah, New York! We gotta get outta here! If someone had (rather convincingly) told you that in a shocked and terrified voice yesterday afternoon, what would have been your reaction? Would you have believed …

Fiat Photo Bombs VW in Google Street View

According to Jalopnik, Fiat paid close attention to when the Google street view car would be around to snap photos. On that day, they parked a Fiat 500 in front of Volkswagen’s Swedish operation headquarters in Sodertalje. The Google car …

Justin Bieber Twitter Prank Could Get Him Sued
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Several Dallas, Texas residents are upset over a prank the Biebs pulled on his Twitter account recently. So upset, in fact, that attorneys have been contacted with talk of at least two lawsuits. It started when Bieber tweeted a phone …

Jimmy Kimmel’s Super Bowl Prank Was a Success Jimmy Kimmel’s Super Bowl Prank Was a Success

While this particular topic was discussed by WebProNews during Super Bowl night, the late night talk show host has supplied us with a “greatest hits” of his prank, where he asked people to unplug their televisions during crucial parts of …

Bank of America ATM’s Turned Into ‘Automated Truth Machines’ Bank of America ATM’s Turned Into ‘Automated Truth Machines’

If you’re trying to build momentum for a cause you believe in, many times it takes something creative to cause a stir. Just look at a few of our SOPA related articles. You can add this bit of activist mischief …

Disappointed Kids on Christmas YouTube Videos 2011 Disappointed Kids on Christmas YouTube Videos 2011

While most who took in the “WTF I Wanted an iPhone” video were shocked and appalled by the teen and pre-teen reaction to not receiving a car or Apple product for Christmas, there’s something more light-hearted and humorous about younger …

Google Click-to-Call Vulnerable To Phone Pranks?

For a brief time yesterday, TechCrunch speculated that Google had removed its Click-to-Call function on Google Maps, due to prank calls. The post was later updated to confirm the function was still in place.

Teen Blogger Prank Earns Child Porn Charges
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A seventeen year-old Michigan high school student is facing child pornography charges after posting a picture on his blog of his friends having sex at a New Year’s Eve party.