Kim Jong-Un’s ‘Executed’ Ex-Girlfriend Seen Alive

Kim Jong-Un’s ‘Executed’ Ex-Girlfriend Seen Alive

By Mike Fossum May 17, 2014

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un reportedly ordered the execution of an ex-girlfriend last summer over a sex tape she was involved in, though now the formerly presumed-deceased pop singer Hyon Song-Wol was seen on state television delivering a speech …

Oculus Rift Integrated Into ThriXXX Chathouse3D Oculus Rift Integrated Into ThriXXX Chathouse3D

If there’s any company out there committed to making the simulated sex video game market a real and lasting thing, ThriXXX would have to show up somewhere near the top of the list. The Austrian developers are unashamed in their …

Oculus Rift Gets Its First Porn Program Oculus Rift Gets Its First Porn Program


While Rule 34 dictates that if it exists, there is pornography of it, perhaps there should be an amendment or a subsection we can add to it; one that reads, “if it is capable of displaying porn, someone will make …

Google Updates Its Policies To Ban Porn On Glass Google Updates Its Policies To Ban Porn On Glass

If it exists, there will be porn on it. It’s true for pretty much every gadget out there, and Google Glass is no different. TechHive reports that Google has updated its Glass platform developer policies to include a section banning …

Shock Porn Director Sentenced To 4 Years Shock Porn Director Sentenced To 4 Years


It’s rare that we get an obscenity conviction in the American legal systems these days. Compared to the early 20th century, people are far less likely to find content “obscene.” One porn director, however, was found on the wrong side …

Comcast Defends Its Users Against Copyright Trolls Comcast Defends Its Users Against Copyright Trolls
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People have a lot of bad things to say about ISPs, but we should give them credit when they do something pro-consumer. Remember when Verizon refused to comply with a subpoena that sought the identities behind IP addresses? That was …

Octomom is Now a Stripper: Twitter Reacts Octomom is Now a Stripper: Twitter Reacts


Octomom, as you may recall, is a little cash-strapped at the moment. As a result, Nadya Suleman is looking to make a little bit of money to help pay for all of those mouths she has to feed. However, instead …

Parent Starts Porn Profile for His Son's Principal Parent Starts Porn Profile for His Son's Principal

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Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold. However, sometimes it comes with a side of warm porn, which, as we all know, makes just about any scheme that much better. Until you get caught, of course. Meet 34 …

Facebook Apologizes for Deleting Photos Facebook Apologizes for Deleting Photos

Facebook, presently under a scanning electron microscope as the smoke clears post-IPO, is now under fire for allegedly removing photos posted of a child with a congenital birth defect. Hundreds of users had been sharing photos of Grayson James Walker, …

Newspaper Writer Tweets Porn Video to His Followers

Let this one serve as an important lesson to you, folks: If you’re going to attempt to get some work done in-between spending some quality time with your pornography habit, perhaps you should pay close attention to what you’re sharing …

New Canadian $20 Is Causing Controversy

(image) So there is a bit of controvery brewing in our neighbor to the north. They decided to release redesigned bills, and the one that came out of the twenty has some people freaking out. The new $20 has a …

New York Judge Slaps Down Piracy Lawsuit
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If you believe the rhetoric coming from certain organizations, the illegal downloading of copyrighted material will be the death of the entertainment industry. One MPAA official once said that technology that allowed unauthorized copying of movies “is to the American …

Egyptian Government Institutes Pornography Ban

To quote Associate Supreme Court Justice, Potter Stewart, “[I can't define pornography], but i know it when I see it.” The question is, will the Egyptian government know it when it sees it? An Egyptian court has ruled to ban …

Jon Stewart Takes On Supreme Court Violent Video Game Ruling
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The internet has been buzzing about the recent Supreme Court decision that said it was unconstitutional to restrict the sale of graphically violent video games to minors. In a 7-2 vote, the SCOTUS struck down a California State law that …

Indonesia Passes Law Banning Online Porn

The Indonesian parliament has passed a law that will restrict access to pornographic and violent Web sites.

The country, which has an 85 percent Muslim majority, has been at odds over the subject of pornography the last few years. "I think we all agree there’s no way we can save this nation by spreading pornography, violence and ethnic hostility," Information Minister Mohammad Nuh told reporters.

.XXX Rejected by ICANN

The ICANN board voted to reject the application for assignment of the .xxx top-level domain by a vote of 9 to 5, with 1 abstaining. Today’s decision brings to an end the current round of domain name proposals that began back in 2004.

Porn site owners will now be able to rest easy knowing that they won’t have to let go of their .com domains anytime soon. Likewise, opposition from the religious realm proclaims victory in their efforts to thwart the mainstream appeal of pornography across the Internet.

Porn Domain Vote To Come Tomorrow

Officials of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names (ICANN) are becoming increasingly leery of adopting the “.xxx” domain for pornographic websites amid concerns from government officials, the porn industry itself and, oddly enough, many religious groups.