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Congressman Charged with Cocaine Possession

First-term Florida Congressman Trey Radel has been charged with cocaine possession. He was arrested in Washington on October 29th according to information released from a spokesperson from the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Radel is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday where he will be arraigned for possessing a controlled substance. The misdemeanor charge could involve a …

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Sarah Palin Refuses Interview With Google Glass-Wearer

Sarah Palin recently denied comment when she was approached by a reporter wearing Google Glass, and he suspects that all the controversy surrounding the state-of-the-art eyewear is behind it. Nilay Patel wore the glasses to cover the Indy 500 and ran into Palin and her husband at the Woodford Reserve Hotel the night before. When he approached the couple, he …

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George McGovern Dies at 90, 1972 Presidential Nominee

This past Sunday, we lost a great politician extraordinaire, who will be sadly missed because of his ardent political passions, his idealism, and his fervent love for his country. Additionally, he is remembered as a historian, university professor, scholar of political science, and as a consummate liberal politician. Senator McGovern was born in 1922 in South Dakota (the son of …

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Arlen Specter Dies at 82, Pennsylvania Senator

The political world mourns today as we lose a loyal servant to Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter, who recently changed his political affiliation from Republican to Democrat. Arlen Specter, a Kansas native, moved to Pennsylvania during his college years, where he attended University of Pennsylvania for his bachelor’s degree, and then later received his master’s degree from Yale. Specter also was involved …

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