Sarah Palin Refuses Interview With Google Glass-Wearer

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Sarah Palin recently denied comment when she was approached by a reporter wearing Google Glass, and he suspects that all the controversy surrounding the state-of-the-art eyewear is behind it.

Nilay Patel wore the glasses to cover the Indy 500 and ran into Palin and her husband at the Woodford Reserve Hotel the night before. When he approached the couple, he says Palin refused to take a picture with him or even talk to him. Since the technology was all the rage at the gathering--with several curious people approaching Patel to ask about them and take photos with him--he asked Palin if she wanted to try them out.

"What's in it for us?" her husband Todd said. "We don't know what company you're with."

Patel assured them he wasn't looking for an edorsement, but Todd Palin asked him to leave anyway.

It's no secret that many are concerned about privacy when it comes to Google Glass; in fact, a petition has been started to ban the technology from being used until clear boundaries are put in place surrounding them.

"Google Glass is a new twist on technology which hasn’t had clearly stated limits on the locations in US communities where it can and cannot be used. In order to protect our communities we need limitations to prevent indecent public surveillance of our friends, children, and families," the petition states. "It is hard to prevent it because the hardware gives no notification that it is recording an individual at any given time."

Even Patel brings up an interesting point; when he was covering the race, he ducked into a men's bathroom, forgetting he still had the glasses on. When he got some dirty looks, he quickly remembered and took them off.

For now, there seem to be many kinks to be worked out when it comes to Glass and when and where the technology should be used, and that includes around celebrities and political figures.

Image: The Verge

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