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Castle Of Illusion Goes Free For PlayStation Plus Members This Week

PlayStation Plus members have been spoiled this month. First, they got Mercenary Kings and Batman: Arkham City for free, and then Stealth Inc goes free. Now Plus members are getting a remake of one of the better Mickey Mouse games free of charge. That’s right, this week’s free PlayStation Plus game is Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. The game …

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Stealth Inc Goes Free For PlayStation Plus Members Tomorrow

Last week, Sony announced April’s batch of free games for PlayStation Plus members. While the biggest draw was definitely Mercenary Kings on PS4, there were a number of great games for PS3 and PS Vita as well. This week, PS3 and PS Vita owners can get their hands on one of last year’s biggest indie hits. Sony announced this morning …

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Mercenary Kings Is April’s Free PS4 Game

PlayStation Plus has paid for itself time and time again with a number of free games on the PS3 and PS Vita each month. Even more value was added with the PS4 and Sony has been releasing one free game on the platform ever since launch. In April, gamers will be happy to know that one of the most anticipated …

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Monster Hunter Is Free For PlayStation Plus Members This Week

Has your PS Vita or PSP felt a little lonely lately? Well, it won’t be lonely anymore if you happen to be a PlayStation Plus member and a fan of monster slaying. Sony announced this morning that this week’s PlayStation Plus update will feature only one new addition – Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The title was originally released on the …

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After Four Years, Sony Finally Advertises PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus was introduced four years ago as a premium subscription service that would net subscribers free games and game discounts every month. It was totally unlike Xbox Live in that online play was still free and Plus was just a nice perk. With the PS4, PlayStation Plus is a lot more like Xbox Live and Sony apparently needs to …

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