Jessica Simpson Celebrates Thanksgiving With Her Kids

Jessica Simpson Celebrates Thanksgiving With Her Kids

By Zach Walton December 1, 2014

Jessica Simpson spent her Thanksgiving like the rest of us – with family. She spent time with family out on a lake with her children and let us in on the fun. On Thanksgiving, Simpson uploaded an adorable image of …

Google Maps Updates Panoramio, Improves Geo-Tagging Google Maps Updates Panoramio, Improves Geo-Tagging
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Since 2006, you’ve likely been seeing a steady increase of user photos appear in Google Maps whenever you search for a place, most typically when that place is a location that attracts a lot of camera-wielding tourists e.g., Eiffel Tower, …

Wear Your Facebook Profile Pictures Wear Your Facebook Profile Pictures

For people who are completely obsessed with their Facebook Friends, comes BandAbout, a new company that allows you to take your Facebook pictures and convert them into a mosaic to wear on your wrist. BandAbout is a new company in …

iPhone, Android Apps Secretly Access User Photos Stored On Phones iPhone, Android Apps Secretly Access User Photos Stored On Phones

People were rightfully outraged when news broke last month that some apps for the iPhone were covertly storing the entire contents of contact lists from their phones. It quickly caught the attention of the United States government, which prompted Apple …

Amanda Knox Verdict in Pictures Amanda Knox Verdict in Pictures

Earlier the murder conviction of Amanda Knox was overturned. Knox, 24, collapsed in tears after the jury declared that the evidence against her was not reliable. She was taken back to prison where she will be formally freed. Leading up …

Google Shows Off New Face Movies Feature in Latest Picasa Release
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Google launched a new version of Picasa today. It comes with several new features, but a cool facial recognition feature for slideshows is sure to get the most attention, and is certainly the one Google is putting front and center. It’s called "Face Movies".

SES – Lee Siegal Keynote Pics

On opening night at the Search Engine Strategies Conference this week in San Jose, Kevin Ryan () spoke with Lee Siegal about his book, “Against the Machine”, and the ideas in it.

Photos From SES San Jose

Unfortunately, I didn’t arrive in San Jose until after 6pm–so I missed all of day one. However, I did make it to the Internet Marketer’s Charity Party, which was a huge success.

I’ve posted a few photos from the event to my Flickr account. Here are a sample:

Google Maps Gets Into Books, Pictures, And Videos

The name of Google Maps is pretty self-defining.  Google is the owner, and maps are those little help-you-find-your-way drawings.  But now a new update is tossing books, pictures, and videos into the equation.

SMX Rewind

So much covered, seen and happened in just two days. From FaceBook to Wikipedia and everything about social media in between. Finally, we wind up and take a dekko at all that we and everyone else from the SEM community have covered:

Plaxo Launches Social Network Pulse

Plaxo launched today its social network, Pulse. Pulse pulls in what they call "people feed" or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to allow for conversation about the content with your family, friends or co-workers.

Hotlinking Pictures for SEO

Michel Telendro tells me it has become a search engine optimization practice (black to gray-hat, I assume) of hotlinking images from other servers… to rank your own site well in Google Image search results.

Affiliate Summit: Ze Frank Speaks
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Snicker, laugh, chortle, chuckle gaffaw, hmm, wait, what’d he say? That seems to be the overall reaction to vlogger Ze Frank’s keynote address this morning at Affiliate Summit 2007 in Miami.

High Rankings SEM Seminar Pictures
Day one of the Minneapolis High Rankings seminar went well and I think the presentations were well received. One thing I think I did not emphasize is that the speakers are not only subject matter experts, but they’re skilled at instruction as well

Google’s Gray Maps The Literary World

In 1993, Matthew Gray created the world’s first search engine.  Now, while working for Google, he’s created a map of the world "based on the frequency of its locations mentioned in books."

Yahoo, Is A Picture Worth $20 Million?
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An Ohio woman is suing Yahoo for $20 million claiming the company used a photograph of her to promote their email services without her permission.

Saddam Searches Flood Search Engines

As news of Saddam Hussein’s execution made its way around the web (rather quickly), people flocked to the search engines looking for video, images, and any other pertinent information about the hanging.