Wear Your Facebook Profile Pictures

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For people who are completely obsessed with their Facebook Friends, comes BandAbout, a new company that allows you to take your Facebook pictures and convert them into a mosaic to wear on your wrist.

BandAbout is a new company in a long list that will convert your Facebook pictures into something else. The Facebook possessed have turned their pictures into artwork, posters, shower curtains, even full sleeve arm tattoos...

It isn't limited to Facebook, however. Customers can use any picture in their photo album, or from the web.

On their Facebook profile, the company claims to have "reinvented the wrist band." Customers can take their favorite photos, drag and drop them onto the virtual wristband, and create their own fashion statement. Their profile page contains ideas for your own wristbands, or you can come up with your own.

The company offers some suggestions on how to use you new wristband:

A BandAbout wristband is about almost anything you want it to be. A circle of friends. Your interests, beliefs, and passions.

Sports teams can assemble a band with the players’ images. People can create a band of vacation memories.

Be creative!

We turn your design into a beautiful, high-resolution wristband made of a lightweight polyester material. The wristband is non-toxic, recyclable, and proudly made in the USA.

If you love your design, post it on our Facebook wall for a chance to receive a promo code for your next order! Be sure to tell us what your BandAbout wristband is all about.

This BandAbout video shows you how to make your own wristband.